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From the Kids Meal to No Meal

Posted Apr 25 2009 11:33pm

Have ya’ll ever noticed the price of a kid’s meal compared to an adults’s meal at a restaurant? They can be very steep, but something we’ve discovered is they don’t offer much. Our 8-year-old daughter is a carnivore, mind you she wan’t always, in fact she use to be a vegitarian. Recently she found out that she LOVES ribs but they never off that. Instead they offer hamburger, cheeseburger, corndogs, nuggest and the occasional mac n cheese. This doesn’t satisfy her.



Tonight we decide we will no longer order her a meal at all, instead we’ll opt for the extra plate. Yep, she gets to eat a plate. Okay not really so no nasty emails. See daddy likes the ribs too but can’t eat a full rack, so he can now order the full rack and she can eat half and he can eat half. Sounds reasonable right? Imagine our shock when we ordered this today and the waiter questioned if we forgot a child. Ummm, no we know we have four kids. One still eats off mom’s plate and the other has moved up to daddy’s plate. When we ordered the full rack and later ordered another they were even more shocked. Course so were we, she finished off her half stack and was still hungry. So looks like she’s moved from kids meal, no meal to adult meal. Man taking her out is going to become expensive. Have you experienced this?

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