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Friday, August 5, 2011

Posted Aug 05 2011 11:10am
Ya hoo... today is my work birthday! Tomorrow being my actual birthday... 26 this year. Feels a little uneventful. My boss asked me if I was 21 yet?!! I was a bit surprised since I was 22 when I started. I have been told I will appreciate the fact that people still take me for a youngster later in life.

So usually I get really excited for birthdays, however this year my soon to be husband agreed to play a show with his band 4 hours away!!! Who does that?

I guess it is time to start putting him through more training. I thought I had him pretty dialed in but booking band events on my birthday is not what I call a good time.

Now, being the trooper that I am I will make the best of it but I can promise that next year will be a different story!

Happy Friday!


Birthday Celebration...

"Look at ME!!" boasted the fit old man, pounding a very flat and firm stomach, having just oldmanrunningfinished 100 situps before a group of young people.

"Fit as a fiddle! And you want to know why? I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't stay up late, and I don't chase after loose women!!"

He smiled at them, teeth white, eyes aglitter, "And tomorrow -- tomorrow, I'm going to celebrate my -90th- birthday!!"

"Oh, really?" drawled one of the young onlookers. "How?"


perfumeThe man walked over to the perfume counter and told the clerk he'd like a bottle of Chanel No. 5 for his wife's birthday.

"A little surprise, eh?" smiled the clerk.

"You bet," answered the customer. "She's expecting a cruise."


Surprise party...

David is throwing Robert a surprise birthday party but he has to stay within his budget. He money bundlespent half of his money plus $2.00 on the cake. Half of what he had left plus $2.00 was spent on balloons and streamers. Then he spent half of what he had left plus $1.00 on candy. Now he is out of money, how much did he start with?

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Last Weeks Riddle Answer:
  1. 1Pain - Nil = Pin - Nail
  2. War - Zoned = Ward - Zone
  3. Routing - Tip = Outing - Trip
  4. Shot - Teaming = Hot - Steaming
  5. Right - Blight = Bright - Light

This Weeks Quote...
"The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything; the young know everything."
~ Oscar Wilde
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