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Fifty Plus Fitness - Stay in Shape Using Fitness by Phone

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:13pm
Lori P. Michiel, NASM, CPT Fifty Plus FitnessTM Serving Active Adults and Seniors *Private Training *Fitness By Phone CoachingR *Boot-ish Camp *SeniorcizeTM *Lectures and more P.S. Learn more about FITNESS BY PHONE COACHINGR and why STANFORD University studied phone-based coaching for 24 years. Their research confirms 85% adherence rate to exercise with this approach. Empower yourself to do more!

Lori Michiel tells us how!Click here to listen...

In this podcast, Lori tells us how is it different than traditional personal training. She gets you fit in 20 minutes a week over the phone by supporting you in maximizing your motivation and showing you how to get better, more permanent improvements in your fitness, energy levels and body fat reduction than you’ve ever experienced before. She had me at "Fitness by Phone"!

It’s perfect for the busy executive, senior, or caregiver who wants to get fit, but does not have the time to meet with or depend upon the presence of a personal trainer each week. Lori also helps with an intuitive eating program that really works, if you are interested, not a deprivation diet or one that has any gimmicks attached to it.

Many of her clients have said that this is the first program that has ever helped them to achieve and maintain their desired weight and still can’t believe how easy it is to keep up their new levels of energy and weight loss and make it part of their lifestyle.

What I wondered about, though, if you don’t see the client each week in person, how can this work? Lori says that Fitness by Phone is so effective because of the independence, confidence building approach she uses that it has people automatically exercising on their own. Let me break it down for you so you understand it more thoroughly. She has her clients use “Motivational Activity Monitors” which provides the client with objective feedback so they know immediately how well their work-outs are really working.

One is a Heart Rate Monitor (HR) and the other is a Caltrac. These tools act as your seven (7) day a week, 24 hour a day personal trainer. They are comfortable to wear allowing you the versatility busy people need to be successful in sticking with their exercise program. With an Activity Monitor a client is not be limited to a particular time or place for his/her exercise. The feedback you get from these tools give you the personal control and confidence you are spending every minute of exercise effectively. Lori's clients are actually excited about wearing the Caltrac everyday because they can see the difference between taking the stairs versus the elevator, parking at one end of a mall versus right up front.

The way it works is call Lori Michiel at 818-620-1442, your Fitness By Phone coach at the same time each week. The purpose of the 20-minute phone call is to get specific focus, direction and new progressive goals each week so that you continue to get new results. By holding you accountable to someone else, your exercise program increases by over 2200%. A study conducted at Virginia Polytechnic proved that by the end of 24 weeks, only 2% of the people who did NOT get a call were still exercising (walking in this case) compared to 45% of the people who DID get the call. The combination of Motivational Activity Monitors, Fitness By Phone Diaries, the focus and guidance of an exercise expert and accessibility to your Coach all week makes Fitness By Phone more successful than any other approach to personalized fitness training....guaranteed!

Get started today! 818-620-1442 or visitwww.fiftyplusfitness.bizand tell her Carol atWorkingCaregiver.comsent you!
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