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epidghio I think i spelled that wrong. I wanting to find facts about this contagious skin infection.

Posted by brandimartin2009

my son has these blister like things that will pop and turn into an infected scab like thing. He got a fever with it. we took him to the hospital they put him on a steriod and antibiotics and had some cream stuff to put on it. THey look like skin lesions. I'm trying to find information on this thing the called epidghio I think I am spelling it wrong. Please help
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It is never a good idea to guess about a child's condition. If they did not give you any documents that state the diagnosis, I would phone the hospital and ask for information. That way, you will be researching the right skin condition.

The Mayo Clinic has a slide show of common skin rashes :

You can read more about your son's problem there once you know the name.

Best to you,

CK Wilde
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