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Duncan play soy sauce indicate the spurs wind began to stone playoff xu li

Posted Feb 23 2013 2:32am
The SAN Antonio spurs away to a 116-90 defeat the clippers, obtain five winning streak. Duncan the game became completely "soy sauce", then he played 16 minutes, 8 throw in 4 contribution 9 points and five rebounds. The coach gregg popovich, to speak to that far-sighted strategy; To bad speak is a crafty old scoundrel. He is very understand Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 what is choice, such as this season he has two "brazenly" let GDP combination rest. Of course always do alliance is very angry. The consequences will be very serious, so in the regular season generally it can be seen that profile, like Duncan, ginobili such veteran will have plenty of time to rest. Today, is no exception. Of course, has its master, like its ACTS, don't see Duncan long a pair of people and livestock harmless poker face, but when the field is greater than he who are clever. And flying flow always hope to be in the other head explosive griffin, compared to Duncan's policy is "you hit you, I play my". In addition to start a storm outside the basket, Duncan the rest of the attack, almost all the jumper completed, relaxed and happy. This is afraid of the griffin? Since wake forest university graduation came into the league, the stone Buddha also don't know fear word how to write. Not because there is no need for head and griffin, why? Old man I have 36 years old, and now the team at Cheap Kobe VI league first, competition and firmly control the court battle, according to struggle against malicious didn't any meaning. But even if is present to play a good sauce, Duncan in the game also have specular level performance, such as the third quarter just start stage, Duncan low tried to fake back playing really coordination, brain after long eye directly send out pass, instantaneous breakdown the clippers defense, force your opponent can only use foul to stop. So-called play soy sauce is not on the pitch what all not stem, get the opportunity will is a malicious. In fact, for the SAN Antonio spurs, Duncan the amount of playing time, and he is on hard or not, is the team's a wind vane. In a victory over the clippers with the SAN Antonio spurs have become the 44-12 negative. So the performance of such record, and lead all the great advantage of all four games, means that popovich after the game can be more "unbridled" let Duncan more rest, after all, the team goals, not limited to one of the regular Cheap Kobe VI season so as to. In order to the playoffs, you are a good rest away. Last week, only a game, scored 27 points, eight rebounds, three assists and two blocks, George in the first all-star game played well, he should have more opportunities to participate in the all-star game. What is interesting is the granger back, he will play what role. The knicks have to worry about the pacers, George with comprehensive performance at home team hit the knicks. Now to George and pacers time sing leading role. The 11th - 15th player is: jazz Jefferson, nuggets Gary's interest, bulls NuoA, Cleveland Irwin and grizzlies orchid's. According to xinhua news agency before the lakers owner jerry buss funeral yesterday in close to the staples center held the nokia theatre, buss family, friends and before the lakers attended the memorial service. Memorial service field put the lakers in bath time win 10 NBA championship, but also decorated with purple and yellow flowers and garland, big screen continuous playback buss's photos and video. Buss son John buss said: "the surface looks, and his life's smooth sailing, to a certain extent do so, but it without hard work, passion and hard. Not all goes well, but because he can always want to in front, and that all things are going in the right direction.""Jackson" Jackson Kobe 6 All Star recall in 1999 was hired as the lakers coach first met jerry buss situation: "he is very natural to me about 80 s won five championship how good... he said he wanted to win a championship. Later, we did it, has won five championships, as in the 80 s, this to jerry buss brought great joy."
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