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Dr Oz on Poop and High Fiber Foods

Posted Apr 12 2010 5:11pm

High-Fiber Food Facts: Figs are high in antioxidants and traditionally used to treat constipation......
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Dr Oz talks about poop on his show just about weekly. It just never stops amazing me how many people have trouble pooping. Dr Oz wouldn't be spending so much time on poop unless it was a big problem. Note, the majority of Dr Oz's viewers are women.

I did learn quite a bit from this segment on the Dr Oz show. Not only are these foods high in fiber but they also contain other elements, like high in antioxidants, that are really important if you want to avoid disease.

I wonder if Dr Oz is aware of the enormous problem that Alzheimer's caregivers face with the dreaded bowel movement? I would tend to think he does. I hope Dr Oz decides to do a show on Alzheimer's and poop some day. I would be interested in hearing him talk about the magic elixir.

While I am here and before you get to the video. Do you shop at Walmart? Ever notice that the prune juice section is big? Ever notice that it is often empty? I think this tells you that I am not the only person that is using the magic elixir with great success.

I hope some of the suggestions below can help you solve the poop-E problem. As I say every time, I don't like pills. Not even little tiny pills.

Mix pink and purple then heat it up and drink? Yikes.

Eating high-fiber foods helps you stay fuller longer, keeps you regular, and boosts colon health. Getting enough fiber can be a challenge, but one certainly worth taking on. Get started with this list of Dr. Oz-approved high-fiber heavyweights.

  • Artichokes, 10g of fiber
  • Broccoli, 5g of fiber per cup
  • Brussel sprouts, 4 grams of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Artichokes are number 7 on the USDA’s list of antioxidant-rich foods. They also increase the bile flow in the liver, which helps with the digestion of high-fat meals, and may lower cholesterol.

  • Bulgur, 8g of fiber per cup
  • Quinoa, 5g of fiber per cup
  • Brown rice, 4g of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Bulgur is cracked wheat and a staple of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a good vegetarian source of protein. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease and is the perfect addition to a low glycemic index diet.

  • Navy beans, 19g of fiber per cup
  • Garbanzo beans, 13g of fiber per cup
  • Kidney beans, 13g of fiber per cup

High-Fiber Food Facts: Navy beans are high in magnesium, which lowers your blood pressure. Also, navy beans are an excellent source of folic acid; one serving will give you almost 2/3 of your daily value.

Fruits and Nuts
  • Figs, 14 g of fiber per cup
  • Prunes, 12g of fiber per cup
  • Pear, 5g of fiber
  • Almonds, 4g of fiber per cup
High-Fiber Food Facts: Figs are high in antioxidants and traditionally used to treat constipation.

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