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Doctor - Patient - Caregiver American College of Physicians Position

Posted Feb 03 2010 8:11am

I learned years after the fact that my mother had gone into her doctor's office and started going nuts when they told her she had already gone to her doctor's appointment earlier in the day. In fact, she had gone to the appointment, but forget.....
By Bob DeMarco

The American College of Physicians has issued a position paper to help guide physicians when confronted with the doctor - patient - caregiver relationship. Don't complain, better late than never. Maybe.

You are probably thinking about time. Not exactly. This paper is really about how doctors can deal with ethical challenges when the caregiver is included in the equation.

This quote should give you an idea about the current state of affairs and doctor attitudes.
"Although we don't want anything to interfere with the physician-patient relationship, which is still key to all health care, we have to work out ways that caregivers are a part of this process too -- as long as the patient agrees," Dr. Hood said.
In other words, hey, we better get on the ball when it comes to caregivers, but don't forget to cover your butt.

While I was reading the paper it reminded me of a situation I found myself in when I first started caring for my mother.
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