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Dementia Videos with Judy

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:45am

Friday was a much easier day. After 22 hours of “A day in the life of Judy” we all had a chance to get some well deserved rest. Mom finally fell asleep around midnight and did not get out of bed until 3:00pm the next day. I checked on her from time to time and made sure she had fluids. But for most of the day she slept. As much as this may sound selfish on my part I was happy to let her sleep. I ran some unavoidable errands but then became a couch potato renting movies and ordering pizza for dinner.

As for the promise to show the video, It was something I had to think about actually doing. After a long  debate of conscience and a short conversation with my husband I decided I would put them up. But is was not an easy decision to make.

At this point most of my readers are family. My mother’s brothers, her aunt, my sister, and my mother and father in law. For the longest time I have tried to shelter them from the worst of it; Usually telling everyone that everything is fine. We have a routine and most days are nothing like Thursday. So it is just easier for me to keep everyone from worrying or even worse, feeling sorry for us. However when I started this blog I had a purpose. Part of which was to show the good and the bad when it came to dementia. I guess I feel that I would be doing a disservice if I left that part out just because I was uncomfortable with it.

Please remember when you watch them that there are hundreds of thousands of people with this disease and even more caregivers living with this disease.

If you are new to “dementia” or feel the need to know more, please check out some of are links and other blogs posted on the sidebars of this page to find out more about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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