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Dear Wayne – - -

Posted Feb 06 2010 8:57am

Thought I should update you on the situation while you have been in (excellent) care.

The house is still oursnot sure if I should sell or rent it – miss you when it comes time to making such decisions. Brian and Mark will help me decide what to do.

Buddy has settled and is still the goodlovable boy he was for you. I guess your telling him every bed time what a good boy he wassunk in:) BTWhe still does not beg at the table with me- I guess he knew you were so soft hearted and a treat was always tossed to him:)

The quail still visit and seek you outlooking for seed and admiration. They still come right up to the front door where you used to sit. The ducks “vacuum” around your bird feederseeking that which is not there.

All your many booksCD’s and DVD’s stand guard on their shelves wondering when Someone will return to finger thembe the lucky one chosen for that day.

Your turkey still stands guard on your desk – I can hear you laugh even now when you came home and told me that a co-worker called your beloved brass eagle a turkey. Soturkey it isyet. Hetoowaits to soar someday.

Your workshop awaitsI haven’t touched anything. The saws stand silentno longer spewing sawdust into the air. Yesyour sawdust box awaits you. I couldn’t throw it out even tho it is a tad worn from all its work.

I did bring your leather tool belt and a carpenter pencil into the houseworried they may get ruined in the shop.

The wood pileall 3 cordshas not been touchedno fun building a fire to tend by myself. I think you’d want
R&B to have the wood so I offered it to them. They said wait til the next winter – theytoofeel it’s wrong to disturb your shop this first few months you are away.

I clean and polish your big red tool chestit still stands guard in the garage. Every time I get in the car I think of you and give it a pat from youas you used to do. BTWif “we” decide to sell the houseI will take the chest with me so do not worry.

I left your car service sheet and pencil tacked to the garage wallcouldn’t bear to take it down. You were so meticulous about recording servicing which you did yourself.

Speaking of recordingI found many sheets of paper where you recorded your chess games – I knew you were a serious player but didn’t realize how serious til I found these papers.They will be safely kept as will Henryyour electronic chess computer. Wondering about your many marble and glass chess setseven regular wooden ones. Brian and Mark may want a set each – I know you’d be happy with that. Your little chess table still rests in your den wondering when it will be required again.

Your words“You can never have too many books.” echo thru my head as I walk around your office and the halls. The custom built shelves you made for my Dad still do their duty but are lonely for your touch. I find comfort in the large black bookcases you buildguardians of a sort.

You’d laugh at this onethe bookcase in our bedroom still standsfilled to the brim with your treasures. There are decisions to be made as to who gets what. I know you trust me with that.

Emptied the pantry the other day and scrubbed it out. Had debated painting the laundry room but put everything back – you did such a good job with the pantry and the doors are still perfect and straight. Just to let you knowI did get R to move the recipe book case you built meinto the laundry room. Looks great.

Wellmy Dearthere is much more to tell you but will do that in another letter – this one has rambled on far too long. Remember our code and remember I love you. J xx oo

PS Brian turned 40 on January 28th – can you believe that! Thenon Feb. 4thMiHwa and Mark celebrated their 3rd anniversary – can you believe that!!

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