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Chinese tourists American

Posted Feb 06 2012 7:49am

In the Chinese Spring Festival is coming, President Obama signed the executive order for 19 days, introduced new measures to promote the international tourism recovery, one of the important content is aimed at "explosive" growth of Chinese tourists in the United States, this year the United States expand Chinese visa approval ability to 4, to ensure that the immigrants from 8 to apply for a visa to the interview in 3 weeks to complete, officially proposed need visas to Taiwan. This no doubt will for Chinese tourists into the United States "50".

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Every year Spring Festival is a Chinese tourists to travel to the United States gold season. Maybe we all remember, two years ago, China's one thousand tour the Spring Festival "make New York", becomes the blockbuster media focus. The Spring Festival is earlier this year, so just after New Year's day, the Chinese tourists began to flow out to move. For let Chinese tourists had a good year in the United States, California, Las Vegas and Los Angeles Beverly hills and official tourism agencies will be held to celebrate activities and respectively one thousand ice party, some content will apply for the guinness book of world records. California tourism administration today on January 20 to 29, will be held in Disney World Chinese tourists a new California dragon activities. Tourism companies estimate that the use of the Spring Festival holiday this year to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the Chinese New Year of Chinese tourists attractions will increase over last year, two to thirty percent, the total number of 60000 or so. The industry has emerged tour bus, hotel beds and guide shortage.
According to the Las Vegas convention and tourism bureau of statistics, 2010 Chinese visitors to Las Vegas increased 38%, it is estimated that by 2015, China will be more than 2009 visitors in grew by 219%. At present, China has become the Las Vegas of the biggest Asian tourists guest source area.
In New York, in 2011 the last night, from all over the world together nearly tourists times square, to greet the countdown to the beginning of 2012. This year and different is, from the Beijing tourism development committee's representative and the friendship association, director of the New York times square and organizers of celebration for the audience together billions of television viewers brought Chinese traditional lion dance, and host the Beijing tourism introduction in the crystal ball also raised that moment rang through the square. Next, New York's Chinatown, began to decorations, to prepare for the arrival of the Spring Festival, and New York's major tourist attractions, Chinese visitors figure is everywhere.

Chinese tourists to travel to the United States for the United States to bring is pure gold. Since the United States officially opened in 2008 Chinese citizens United States group travel, China has basically the explosive growth of the number of visitors present. According to the China national tourism administration, 2008 Chinese citizens United States open formally tourism that year, tourists in the United States more than 600000 people; By 2009 the influence of bird flu, tourists in 600000, people to maintain. The United States tourism association statistics showed that in 2010, the Chinese mainland tourists to the United States, 802000 more than the previous year soared to 3201 1 year 5 Chinese visitors number will increase more than the previous year 2 again into 4, to nearly 1 million.
China's tourism bureau chief ShaoQiWei said, by 2015, China will be the United States of over 2 million visitors. China QingLv America, general manager of zhang age think again, this is a conservative estimate, though the United States has open China's 27 provinces of the group in the United States people travel, but from the open to form scale also need a period of time, Chinese citizens in the United States have tourism capacity.
Since 2000, the us international tourism has been sluggish, the U.S. travel association exclaimed: "American international tourism experience the lost decade", in this 10 years, European and American and Japanese tourists slow growth, even down, but Chinese tourists become a few window. Special tourism industry by the U.S. is welcome, Chinese tourists make moves the most generous, the average Chinese tourists travel cost nearly $6300 in the United States, in the countries all over the world top tourists in the United States.
We can almost every day in the shopping center and the name factory store see China tourists figure. Perfume, watches, cosmetics, designer clothing, designer bags, health care products, apple IPAD, IPHONE is the favorite of Chinese tourists, a Chinese tourists bought several dozen, a COACH bag every day of the scene in town.
The Chinese people in the United States LvYouRe is actually with the Chinese study abroad, immigration hot hot relates in together. Some students to study in the United States, before the United States use their summer travel; Some want to immigration to the United States, will be the first to make use of travel in the United States a field trip.

In the United States economy, Obama government to encourage increased export, encourage foreigners consumption American products today, there are Chinese tourists tree grow up cash cow, americans are certainly welcome.

In the past two years, the United States the travel industry and education industry lobby and under pressure, the United States citizens in China the number of immigrant visa to release and the issuance of speed has improved. Fiscal year 2011 the United States embassies or consulates in the examination and approval of visa more than 1 million, an increase of 3 into 4; In the first quarter of this year, the United States embassies or consulates in visa approval of nearly 260000, than last year the corresponding period to add 4 to 8.
Obama admitted that, although the visa approval process improvement, but from China, Brazil's visa application such as the rockets as "tu fly soared", the two countries visa application the backlog of unsold homes is is the biggest of all.

Chinese tourists to the explosive growth in the United States is huge opportunity to is a big challenge, state department officials say, the U.S. embassy in the consulate, visa, interview waiting time no more than eight days, will shorten the time of waiting for as far as possible, the U.S. visa officer in China less than 100 people, the United States will send more this year in China 50 visa officer, and make full use of now facilities, extend a the acceptance time, will increase in guangzhou consulate 22 window, Shanghai increase 20, chengdu and Beijing has increased eight.

U.S. lawmakers have Chinese citizens United States will travel to visit and business visa from the current 1 years and five years for many times extended from many times, but this is the two countries peer-to-peer consular arrangement, need through the consular negotiations can decide. The state department has convenient Chinese tourist visa launched pilot project examination and approval, and the main contents include: to simplify and accelerate the specific applicants immigrant visa processing, including to extend visa, young men and old first applicants risks very low applicants from the interview. The move is expected to increase by 100000 a year for Chinese new visa application interview opportunity.

The travel industry is continually working to improve just for the Chinese tourists services, such as the main tourist attractions more Chinese signs and Chinese pamphlets, increase can speak Chinese tour guide quantity, and the Chinese tourists often up from the tourist hotel, began to provide the Chinese love with, but the traditional American hotel usually don't offer KaiShuiHu, take off your shoes and so on, some senior hotel has even started to provide for Chinese tourists, twisted dough-strips soya-bean milk, porridge, noodles and Chinese love to eat breakfast. All of this is just beginning, the future will certainly have more and more convenient for Chinese tourists to provide.


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