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Child Ordered to attend Traffic Class

Posted Jun 05 2009 10:33pm

Honestly I loved reading this article and I know not many will agree. But too often I see a child not buckled and moving around in



the backseat of some car while driving down the highway. Can I do anything about it? Sure, I can call it in and hope they get pulled over. The parent if stopped will surely tell the kid to buckle up but will it happen again?

A 5-year-old boy (in New Mexico) was ordered to go to traffic class when he refused to buckle up. A judge actually ordered the boy, David Kirk-Peet and his mother to attend the class. I’m not sure what this class entails but they quoted him to saying the following:

He promised to buckle up, saying: “You want to get safe.”

I applaud this judge and think more should force this class on those that get caught without the buckle. The child also got a certificate for attending the class, but I’m wondering if this is the type of class that shows what can happen to those that don’t buckle up. Anyone know? Do you think this was right? How do you keep yours buckled up? We have the do it or we don’t drive method.

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Post from: Blisstree

Child Ordered to attend Traffic Class

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