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Posted Apr 08 2010 9:00pm

We moved to our city in January 1974. Wayne joined the local chess club and was chess master that year.

I have always found chess too much for my liking although he tried to teach me chess the night before I had Brian! My concentration was not too good to say the least.

Anyway, he bought a chess computer in 1975 or so and spent many hours on it. While cleaning and sorting in his office recently, I found newspaper clippings of world chess master games and also many games he played against Henry, his chess computer. This was very touching to me as I didn’t realize how serious he was.

As his disease progressed, he no longer played. One evening a few years ago, I suggested he try a game on Henry. He said he could no longer play. I offered back to him that he should set the level to the lowest “as he’s out of practice”.

I’ll never forget, he turned to me and said it’s me, pointing to his head.

Anyway, tonight I decided to try to play on the computer in honor if Wayne. Well, it’s a fiasco to be sure and I still find it difficult. He’d laugh if he saw my moves – I may take the laptop in and show him “my stuff” – it will be interesting how he responds.

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