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Cargiving is....

Posted Jul 14 2010 1:41pm

One of the greater needs in daily living... We all at some point need someone to care for us, or take care of us.  I started out young being a caregiver.  Became a CNA in 1990 and have pretty much done that throught my early adult life.  I became a nurse and continued to work in Geriatrics and worked in Hospice for many many years.  Only to burn myself out.  Now when dealing with family and the caregiving option.  It is much needed that everyone in the family take some part in it.  So that there is no burn out.  My partner takes care of me, as does our roomate, so that there is no burn out for Erin.  And I guess at this moment I need to be cared for.  But I am also caring for myself.  Daily living is hard at times when You are trying to cope with things that are going on with you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  And well medically, I am on the right track.  I know that I am stubborn and sometimes try to over take myself and say uh uh I am doing it this way. Knowing that I should do it the other way.  Now on the political aspect of Caregiving.. We need sooo many more caregivers.. Though they are under paid for the work that they do.  It is something that is needed.  Has anyone seen some of the Carehomes, hospice houses, and nursing home or rehabilitaion centers?  Understaffed and too many follies in them.  when it is so much more simple if everyone follows the rules and regulations.  And takes care of someone as they would want to be taken care of. 


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