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can u get strep throat with out tonsils or adnoids

Posted by ic1wife

my daughter had hers out about a year and a half ago. I am being told different things and getting confused. My daughter is 9 and this is her first sore throat since having them removed.
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A study done by the Mayo Clinic showed that removal of the tonsils in children reduced the possibility of getting strep but did not prevent it entirely. During the four years that Dr. Laura Orvidas followed children in the study, 84% of children who did not have surgery got another case of strep throat.

Of the children who had surgery, 50% got strep about one year after the surgery. The children who did not have surgery got another case of strep about 8 months after the last time. 

Not all severe sore throats are caused by the bacteria we call strep. Many are viruses. I'm figuring that your daughter had a strep test and tested positive.

A few years ago, my husband was experiencing a series of strep infections. He added acidophilus to his diet with yogurt and also supplement capsules. He has not had a strep infection since he started that.

This makes sense because antibiotics can destroy the good bacteria in our bodies. These good bacteria play a role in keeping us healthy. So by supplementing with good bacteria, you help the body get back into balance. Just make sure that the yogurt has live cultures and try to sick to the less sweet flavors because sugar fosters bacterial growth.

Best to you!

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