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Book Review: The Senior’s Guide to the Internet: Surfing, Shopping, E-Mail and Security

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:01pm

I met Rebecca Colmer online almost two years ago when she asked me to review the Family Caregiver Starter Guide . I did and then gifted it to a caregiver during one of my keynotes. At the same time, Rebecca sent me a series of other books she had written with Todd Thomas and I promised to review them. It's been nearly two years. (I'm sorry, Rebecca!) But the information holds true today as it did two years earlier. Please find my review below.


The Senior’s Guide to the Internet: Surfing, Shopping, E-Mail and Security <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

By Rebecca Sharp Colmer and Todd M. Thomas, 2007


Colmer and Thomas have written a series called The Senior’s Guide on a diversity of topics.


This guide to the Internet offers a wealth of information for those who have not yet learned to use the Internet or go online so seldom that a book like this provides a handy reference.


Organized in ten easy-to-digest chunks, I recommend those new to the Internet read one section at a time.


After being online for fifteen years, even I learned a few things such as, (for live internet discussions), and usage and population statistics available at


The Internet is like driving a car. Most of us really don’t know how it works, but we use it. Colmer and Thomas give us a peak under the hood with their brief overview of varied topics such as TCP/IP and SMTP and HTTP.


They also remind us to be careful when downloading files or opening links. In fact, they suggest manually typing a link instead of clicking on it; especially, from uncertain sources. They claim that some links may contain spyware, which is unknowingly transferred to our computer, wrecking all sorts of havoc from harming our files or recording keystrokes. Current security software as those provided by Norton or McAfee will scan your computer and eliminate such threats.


Initially written in 2005 then updated in 2007, there are a few dated items, such as the mention of WebTV which is now MSNTV, but these dated items are minor compared to the value of the information provided. The book concludes with 25 tips to using the Internet.


The books are published in large type and are easy to read even without reading glasses.


For more information visit


Reviewed by Brenda Avadian, MA


Other titles in the series are: 

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