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Blended training key to culture change and success

Posted Apr 21 2009 11:46pm
You may have heard the aQuire team talk about “blended learning” or “blended training” in the past. It’s a concept we believe in, and the reason we created the 2 Minute Trainer newsletter.

We’re thrilled that you’re using the aQuire online staff training program to provide your team members with opportunities for ongoing learning and professional growth. You know, obviously, that this is one foundational principle for building a culture that reflects your philosophy and values, and builds a team that stays and grows with you.

You know that reducing staff turnover is one of the key things you can do to build client loyalty, reputation, and quality care.

You’ve taken a big step to making that a reality in your community with the addition of significant training opportunities.

But you’ve got to back it up with your actions and the actions of other people in your organization that provide leadership roles.

Look, for example, at the experience of the new caregiver in your organization. You screen carefully, check references and get the appropriate clearances, and then you bring the new team member on board. You enroll them into their initial training courses, and give them time to complete those courses.

Then, most likely, you team that new person up with a current caregiver and ask them to provide on-the-job orientation or training.

That’s a typical approach to bringing a new person on board. It’s a good way, too, to quickly bring the new person up to speed on your culture, your expectations and your daily procedures.

But is the person providing the on-the-job leadership trained as a trainer? Does he or she realize how important it is to follow some basic training steps: demonstrate, explain, observe, give feedback? Does he realize that each step offers an opportunity to reinforce your values and principles of care?

We know that building a strong, long-lasting team means focusing on these first few days. We know that helping new employees build the skills and approaches that add to your organization means focusing on these skills right from Day 1.

We’re working on some new “train the trainer” resources for our clients, since we know that’s how you’ll best build the kind of team you really need.

But for now, that’s your department. Focus on creating an environment where blended learning really happens and you’ll significantly leverage your current investment in staff training many times over. CEUs for senior care professionals · Staff training for caregivers · Caregiver job applications right to your inbox
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