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B R E bowel infection which is not going away

Posted by Bess

infection of bowel , gotten in hospital
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Hi Bess,

It is not possible to give you specific recommendations. Your doctor is the best resource for this. He knows your particular situation and what treatment you have already had.

In general, powerful antibiotics tend to destroy the "good" bacteria in our intestines. When this happens, the "bad" bacteria have an easier time multiplying. You can replace the "good" bacteria by eating yogurt with live cultures or taking probiotic supplements you can get at most pharmacies,  health food stores and online at Amazon, Vitacost or iherb.

Check with your doctor to see if adding acidophilus and other "good" bacteria to your diet is right for you. Keep in mind that it can take weeks or months to see a positive lasting effect. Don't give up too soon.

Best to you! 


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