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Are there any online free or low cost national caregiver certification programs available?

Posted by Myinfo

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Our company offers an online 40 hour Personal Care Aide Certification course that is accepted nationally by many employers and reimbursers.  It is completed 100% online, and is very affordable.  You may view details of this course by going to our website, or call us for more details at (toll free) 877-843-8374.  I hope this helpw you find what you're looking for!


Each state has different certification requirements for caregivers who work in facilities or provide in-home care. You want to check with your state's department of health for the requirements in your area. They will tell you about approved training programs.

Many of these training programs are offered at community colleges for very low cost. You may want to check with your local college to see what is offered.

In addition to the excellent program mentioned by Sharon Brothers, there are other online training programs offered by Aquire

Another possible resource is your county office on aging. Some offices keep a registry of care providers and their training. They may be able to tell you about the training they require to get in their listing and where you can get local training.

And, if you want to work for an agency as an in-home care provider, it might be a good idea to talk to someone at the agency about what training they require.

Best to you!

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