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America Needs A Federal Assault Rifle Ban

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:41pm

I live in a state where people prize their guns. Where gun laws are lax by choice and any idiot can walk into a gun store and choose his pleasure. Here in Alabama, we enjoy the fifth-highest gun death rate (that translates to intentional and accidental shootings) in America, including the third-highest rate of gun homicide.

large_south-alabama-shootings Earlier this week Michael K. McLendon, armed with a Bushmaster AR-15 and an SKS – both military-bred assault rifles developed for the specific purpose of killing humans quickly and efficiently, went on a shooting spree in a small, south Alabama community. Because of him, two young children will never see their mother again, and the 18-month-old daughter she was cradling will never grow up.

And that’s just two of the gunman’s 10 victims.

In response to the shootings, the Brady Campaign issued this statement:

“(Tuesday’s)shooting is only the latest addition to a string of preventable tragedies committed with these military-style weapons. America needs an effective federal assault weapons ban to stop the mass production and marketing by the gun industry of these anti-personnel weapons. Today we call on the U.S. Congress to pass a federal assault weapons ban modeled on California’s effective law that would ban these weapons once and for all.”

Don’t we owe this to our families?

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(photo: AP)

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