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Alzheimer's All the Wonderful People

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:49pm

Recently, I have been writing about the Elly Lorey Alzheimer's murder trial which is taking place right here in Palm Beach County, Florida.

This is one horrific and horrifying story.

I usually shy away from putting up stories about the abuse and neglect of those suffering from Alzheimer's. I prefer to live on the bright side of the moon.

I receive emails daily now from people that have been touched "hard" by Alzheimer's. They remind me of all the wonderful people out there that are dealing as best they can in a very trying circumstance.

Wonderful people just like Mary.
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My name is Mary Murray and I live in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. Oshawa is just on the outskirts of Toronto.

I lost my mom May 31st of this year and miss her dearly. Living together for over 25 years I feel like I have lost my partner and best friend as well as my mother. We were so close. Together we battled her Alzheimer's for over 7 years. As you know the beginning of the disease is so problematic for those suffering with it. Her first years were so frustrating for her and it broke my heart to watch her get a little worse each day.

My partner who is retired is a wonderful person and he watched her throughout the day. In the morning I would wake her before I left for work, toilet her and give her her medications. Then when I got home at night I was able to take over her care. I would always walk into her room telling her my name. I think one of the worst times for me was when she actually didn't remember who I was, however, this was the disease not my mom.

I truly understand your feeling of helpleness. Like so many others mom also suffered from infections, hallucinations, disorientation and depression. I remember how scared she was. She knew something was wrong but didn't know what or how to handle it.

I attended and still do attend the support meetings. I have a wonderful counselor who is there to help me through the tough times.

I understand your feelings and how hard it is to cope watching some you love deteriorate in front of your eye's. One of my biggest fears is that I to might develop this horrific disease as time goes on and try do keep myself knowledgeable in all aspects of it.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to correspond with others though the "Alzheimer's Reading Room" so we can gain the knowledge needed to help others as well as ourselves with this horrible disease.

Be good to yourself and take each day as it comes. Easier said than done I know. Know that you are not alone and that others do care how you are doing.

Thank once again.

Your friend through e-mail.

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