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Ah, ha Moments

Posted Apr 22 2013 11:38am

Ever wonder where something is or the name of a tune when all of a sudden it’s “there”?

Maybe AD is kind of like this when thoughts clarify however briefly.

Yesterday I was doing our routine after lunch: wash his hands with lots of soap, face,brush teeth, comb hair, clean eyeglasses and underarms, deodorant, shave if necessary and toilet him.

Its’ actually funny because I have to kind of kiss hiss royal behind (no offence meant) to keep him off guard and occupied while I sneakily do my thing.

He was not cooperating enough for me to get things done so I’d give him a quick kiss or a hug in the middle of a “chore”. He’d laugh and I’d quickly proceed.

After one hug, he said, “you’re crazy” but was really laughing. Just then an aide walked in (who he relates to well). “Hey, Debbie, Wayne things I’m crazy.”

“Long as you think I’m Ok” and was of course kidding around. He answered laughing that she was Ok but pointed to me and said I was crazy. (If it gets the job done, my dear.)

Anyway, we all laughed hard and I told him he was in the dog house now.

His response?? “Been there.”

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