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Adopt a caregiver

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm

Linda Abbit at Tender Loving Eldercare tells us about a great idea: adopt a caregiver.

The Adopt a Caregiver idea comes from Helene Moore who was a caregiver when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease:

Just send an email or phone the person who needs a friend, listen and come back often to let him/her know you care and are thinking of them. Just being there to listen is a huge help.

Adopt a Caregiver.
Give something back: Contribute to the well being of people who are so busy caring for others.

It’s that simple.

So many times we tell people to “let us know” what we can do, but as I’ve said often, a caregiver might not have time to do that, might not want to impose or even might not know what they need.

How wonderful to “adopt” or set out to expressly help someone who is a caregiver.

Linda goes on to add some of her own ideas about how to help a caregiver:

Along with listening and lending support via phone or email, if you know the caregiver personally, you may ask to visit their Golden Oldie(s) with them. (Or if their aging parents live with them, spend time visiting the whole family in the caregiver’s home.) Simply having another person there actually makes the atmosphere lighter during visits.

What are you waiting for? Adopt a caregiver today.

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