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A new year on the way and a new outlook on care giving.

Posted Dec 05 2009 11:59pm

I haven't written in a while. Mainly because I wanted to write something upbeat for my newest post. Well if you read on you will see that that is not the case.

Life has not been upbeat around here. Things have been up and down and down and out and absolutely crazy. Every time I sat down to write I found something “more interesting to do”

The truth is I didn't want to talk about my life outside of the role of a caregiver. All the other parts of my life that I deal with on a day to day basis. Even though I have had some great stories I haven't been able to sit down and share them with you.  As much as I want to talk about care giving, I didn't want to talk about me.

Then I talked to a friend about it and she made a very good point.

“ If your not going to write what you are really feeling then why are you writing at all.” (She was an English major and probably cringes every time she reads this blog.) 

 However she did make since. Lets face it. We are all just trying to get threw the day with everything we have to do and we are lucky if we have a moment to our selves. There are so many things going on in a dementia caregivers life. I take care of my mother  but I also take care of my kids and my husband and my friends. It just can’t be all about Judy.There I said it. And … well.. I feel better.

 So I have decided to change some things around here.

I am not going to wait for something miraculous to happen to my mother before the next post. After all the blog is called Judy's care giver. um hello… that's me.

So from now on I will tell you about how I, as a caregiver, mother, wife, daughter, friend, women and a real live person deals with it all. there are a lot of caregiver blogs out there that can actually give you advice and teach you something. Most of them are very good. I can't and really don't want to compete with that.

What I do want to do is let you know my story and hopefully show you that you are not alone. And maybe even have one or two of you say  "yep, I am totally there. I get it and I am right there with you." Thanks for reading. I hope  you stick around to see the new and the true judyscaregiver.

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