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A Big Thank You!

Posted Jul 02 2012 1:26am

I have to admit that I have been excited about and dreading this “thank you” post for quite some time. It’s like accepting a Grammy…no joke! I have so many people to thank for making The Medical Day Planner possible, and I will feel absolutely terrible if I leave anyone out. So here I go:

A big thanks to Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti for introducing me (and selling me) to Erich Krauss, of Victory Belt Publishing. Who knew that brainstorming business ventures over delicious espresso would lead to this? Your constant support and backing means more than you know. I couldn’t have asked for a better surrogate family.

To Robert Strazzarino; the man with sixty-mile-an-hour fingers on the key board. Honestly, I’m not sure this project would have ever taken off without you! I remember sitting in your office, completely unsure as to how to make a prototype. Within four minutes you had ninty-gillion online printing companies up on your computer screen, ready to make my dream of The Medical Day Planner come true. Thank you!

To Chris Friedland; the only guy I know who you can invite to lunch, will give you the best (and most honest) advice, and then refuse to let you pay for lunch. I value your opinion, and thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue this project. I owe you some salmon sashimi!

To Mieken McNally; for not only being a fabulous friend and support system, but for knocking the attorney section of this book out of the park. Let’s be honest, without Mieken’s ability to turn something very complicated into something everyone can understand, none of us would be able to make it through the attorney portion of the book without falling asleep.

To Kelly Milton ; for taking my vision for a cover and a brand and making it a reality in the first shot, when the “professionals” at the publishing house missed it by a mile. You are an amazing graphic artist and a life saver.

To Karina Bangay and Sara Scott; two women who stepped up and took over my business without a second’s hesitation after my mom’s passing, allowing me to travel, grieve and cleanse. It was during that travel time that The Medical Day Planner was conceived. I will forever be in debt for your kindness and selflessness.

To Patty Principi,  Marlena McCrea, Deanna Leah and Gail Cafferata; my proof readers! Thank you for spending countless hours reading over the drafts of The Medical Day Planner and adding your own personal expertise. Without you and your input, this book would have been a cancer-guide, not an ailment-neutral guide. Because of your time and dedication, this book will help so many people.

To Erich Krauss of Victory Belt Publishing; thank you for taking a chance on a project that was out of your comfort zone and understanding the possible impact this book will have on so many caregivers and patients.

To my friends and clients; your listening ears and constant support have helped me maintain a consistent forward progression. Without even knowing it, you have lifted my spirits in moments of sheer desperation and angst – you know who you are.

To my Aunties; my mom continues to live through us, our relationship and, well… our fabulous girl time! You have done all you can to fill a void that is nearly impossible to fill. I feel your love every day and can’t thank you enough for our time away from the boys and our forever-bond.

To Maile; my “super-tinks, wide-mouth bass pittt-buuullll.” I realize many people might find it completely ridiculous and absurd to thank a dog, but this dog has been through more tough times with me than many of my friends. She  snuggles with me when I can’t get out of bed, licks my tears when I can’t put a smile on my face and is still oh-so happy to see me when I come home after eighteen hours of work. She was the first “person” to console me after I received the call in Maui that my mom was sick again. She made the journey across the Pacific and uprooted her happy beach life in Hawaii to become a California dog. Her unconditional love has allowed me to never feel alone, even when I wasn’t capable of communicating my need for comfort and consoling.

And to my men;

Oh, Dad! It is obvious to so many that none of this would have ever come to fruition without you. The constant “how is the book?” “do you need anything to finish to book?” and “what can I do to help?” kept me on track. You have kept me grounded, motivated and confident my entire life. I am quite possibly the luckiest daughter in the entire world.

Nick, my not-so-little, little brother; my ego booster and non-editing proof reader. According to you, everything I write is perfect, just the way it is! We have certainly had our moments, as most siblings have, but I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy, friend and roommate. You are the only other person on this planet who feels the same pain and sense of loss as I, and for that, we will forever hold a special bond.

Ryan; a man who has been willing to be a quiet support in the background of complete chaos for years and years and years. Your willingness to put your needs and wants aside and take “second place” to my mom, and then myself for all of these years is something I will never be able to repay. For a guy who is nearly impossible to wake once he is asleep, I find it amazing that you can sense the first drop of one of my tears hitting my pillow, and be fully prepared to deal with the waterworks that are about to flow. I know I wouldn’t have been capable of dealing with me over the past few years, so I thank you for being strong enough to not give up on me.

And last, but certainly not least, to my mom (MaaaM!) I have lived my life constantly trying to make you proud. I was fortunate to be born your child and honored to be able to care for you until the end. I am the woman I am today because you instilled strength, determination and a no bull-shit attitude into me at a very young age. (And let’s be honest, it’s probably a good thing I am half Dad’s genetic make-up.) Thank you for being as strong as you were through your entire illness.  You will forever be my role model; because of you, I know anything is possible.  I love you, Mom, and miss you every single day.

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