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5 Ways to Recycle Your Easter Basket

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:41pm

Easter is upon us and soon we’ll be wondering what to do with all those Easter Baskets the bunny left behind for our children. I was brainstorming a bit earlier to try to figure out exactly what we would do with all of ours, keep in mind I have four children.



Bathroom Basket - With a basket in the bathroom you can now minimize the mess and make the bathroom look a bit more organized. I placed one on top of the toilet (small sink) and added a small hand towel to line the bottom, toothpaste, extra roll of toilet paper. I could’ve added this off to the side of the bathtub and filled it up with the bath toys to make it a little easier to dump the toys for bathtime in the tub. One may also want to add some rose petals to make a bathroom smell a little better.

Crayon holder - My kids always lose the crayon boxes but have tons of crayons laying around in different spots of the house, plus the designated drawer. Tomorrow they’ll be placed inside the basket so I have an easy way of finding them for arts and crafts time.

Hair Accessory Basket - I’ve bought the girls over 300 hair ties/clips/brushes/etc however once they’ve been placed in their hair they disappear and never are seen again. By placing them in the basket on their dressers, hopefully they’ll be found again in a week.

Mail holder - Baskets without the big hoop would work great to place in a certain area of the house to place the bills/mail/package/etc. Plus it makes your mail pile look that much nicer.

Dining Room Centerpiece A basket in the center of the dining room table is perfect for this time, plus a few desserts in it wouldn’t hurt. My kids always want to place one of my wicker baskets in the center of the table and put things in them, so now they can add their own creativity.

What are some ways you’ll recyle the Easter Baskets? Happy Easter everyone I hope ya’ll are having a ton of fun!

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