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My name is Patty and I'm a person who hates wearing hats, both literally and figuratively. Now I will be wearing a caregivers cancer hat because my husband has cancer and I need to be strong for him. But I also need a place to vent, look for support and find strength. Hopefully, this blog will... Full Bio
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Thank you to all of my friends, family and many strangers who have followed this blog for so long. It touches my heart that you did so and that...


One of my very best friends lost her younger son unexpectedly this past Sunday. The wake is today and the funeral tomorrow. This...


Change. Only 6 letters and it carries such a huge weight, doesn’t it? Whether positive or negative, it can make such a difference in your...

Time To Relax

This is a part of what I wrote at my main blog but I realized it fits at this one also, so I’m adding it here. The last five months have...

8 Weeks

Sunday, April 25th, will be 8 weeks since Frank passed away. Sometimes it feels like it’s been longer than that and other times, much shorter....
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