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In a New York state of mind… by Margaret Patient Expert Well, yes, I’ve been incredibly busy…busy visiting with my parents, busy playing with Muffet (their... Read on »
Holding My Breath by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert It's been 4 days since I stopped taking steroids. It's been 2 days since I saw my transplant doctor. So... Read on »
Buyer Beware - Cancer Treatment Fraud by Bobby S. While investigating cancer treatments, you might come across claims by a person or company that say they... Read on »


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mdarnell updated their goal to Exercise: 32 minutes 5 times per week. Apr 21 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Avoid soda. Apr 21 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Stretch: 15 minutes 3 times per week. Apr 21 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Lose weight. Apr 21 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Take vitamins & minerals. Apr 21 2014


Cancer is a term that is used to refer to a number of conditions where the body's cells begin to grow and reproduce in an uncontrollable way. This rapid growth of cancerous cells is known... » Read on
The symptoms of cancer vary depending on what part of your body is affected. However, cancer symptoms can be broadly grouped into three categories. These are: ... » Read on
How does cancer begin? Cancer begins with an alteration to the structure of DNA that is found in all human cells. This is known as... » Read on
There are a number of tests that can be used to detect the presence of cancer. These include: blood tests - some forms of cancers... » Read on
In treating cancer, the aim is to remove the cancerous cells while making sure that the cancer does not reoccur. This can be challenging because even if only one cancerous cell remains... » Read on

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