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Cancer Cure ? Virology Research, Killer Viruses / Cancer Viruses . Viruses are a microscopic parasites ...
Jul 24 2011 6:36am
progression of abdominal cancer Hi, My mother is 72 and has been battling pancreatic (maybe) biliary (maybe) but certainly liver c ...
Dec 03 2010 3:44pm
Colon cancer does not always present signs in the beginning. Cancer of the digestive... more
Jan 21 2013 7:52am
Oral Cancer I just want to introduce myself.  I am an oral cancer survivor and am 33 years old.  I have two smal ...
Oct 02 2010 8:02pm
Due to having had radiation  to the headn adn neck area, I now have sever dry mouth as... more
Aug 30 2011 10:36am
Stages of Cancer What are the stages of cancer and what do they mean?  stage 1, 2, 3 etc.
Apr 17 2010 6:50am
Hello friend…………  If ur friend is suffering from cancer then he should go for... more
May 17 2010 3:35am
larynx cancer My husband, 68 years old,  has cancer of the larynx.  He has had a large tumor removed from the si ...
Apr 16 2010 3:44pm
Horrible situation indeed, with chemotherapy and no other choices.  I can advise to... more
Apr 25 2010 12:36pm
Advanced Acai  Hi Guise My name is Samexnh. I want to say that about Cancer. It's is very big dieases ..Cancer b ...
Feb 23 2010 10:27pm
Do Toxins play a role in Cancer? Watch a great video at to learn more.
Aug 13 2009 10:07am
Hi,      Yes, Toxins play a role in cancer> toxins are harmful for body. It... more
Jan 19 2013 5:59am
Light The Night Walk For Leukemia & Lymphoma Each year, in communities all across the United States and Canada, families, friends, neighbors an ...
Aug 01 2009 8:36pm
histopathological evaluation in middle aged... what would be the best way to evaluate and analyse for the same?
May 24 2009 7:41am
Is Acupuncture technique effective for smoke... I’m looking forways to quit smoking and came across the terminology “Cold Turkey exercise”.   What ...
Feb 24 2009 1:04am
Cold Turkey exercise means quitting straight forward at once. Like just waking up... more
Feb 24 2009 11:17pm