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A new myeloma-killer, beer and the brain, and the immune system… by Margaret Patient Expert I don’t know where to begin…I read so many interesting articles today! Well, I’ll pick three of them, randomly, as follows… Read on »
Dual #hashtag search, now Flip②▶ #cancer and #survivor by ALTALOMAN The 'social current see' of a cancer survivor like me is both simple and complicated.  Simple because a single #hashtag search can produce stories and links galore.  Com ... Read on »
Kv1.5 Potassium Channel Blocker Focused Library from OTAVA by otavateam Potassium channels are attractive therapeutic targets for treatment of cardiovascular and cancer diseases which are the top two public-health problems for the aging populati ... Read on »
Remembering This Blog's Purpose by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven I know I haven't posted in forever and I'm sorry. My brain kept telling me that there was no reason to post since things never really get better but recently I was reminded ... Read on »
Celebrating my Italy by Margaret Patient Expert Thanks to a good friend, I was able to watch a wonderful video about Italy, produced by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which I hope will obliterate at least ... Read on »
Where some 'canswerists' hang out by ALTALOMAN Blog for a Cure was started by Jill , a Colorado survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2005. The idea came to her during her treatment and the si ... Read on »
Does attitude have a role in Colon cancer treatment and surgery in India? Call: +91-9371136499 by Anan A. Facebook Preparing for Color Surgery India requires one to have a positive outlook. The type of treatment and the surgical outlook have a huge share in this regard. One such company ... Read on »
whoops by Joan H. Patient Expert OK, so the CT went mostly as expected.  That node is cancer and calcified, and it's snuggled between two major blood vessels and tucked under my collar bone. F ... Read on »
stretched by Joan H. Patient Expert Quick update - too much grading to do, and I don't want to leave it all to the weekend. My students were redistributed among my classes and overall, it's ... Read on »
An expert defines multiple myeloma by Margaret Patient Expert In this short (less than five minutes) video, Dr. Robert Orlowski, from the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center in Texas, provides us with a simple explanation of what mult ... Read on »