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Ways to Prevent Cancer by Moon A. Facebook Ways to Prevent Cancer   Cancer is not an inevitable destiny. There are precautionary measures we all can take to help us prevent from this perilous disease. Even though ... Read on »
▶Flip2▶Fiber's cancer-fighting effect depends on gut bacteria by ALTALOMAN ▶Flip2▶CANswer♥WORTH alt@cities® ▶ ▶ ▶Flip2▶CANswer♥WORTH alt@cities® ▶ ▶ Read on »
Dreams by Jen Patient Expert Last night, I had a dream that Owen was alive in a hospital. I found out where he was, and we were so excited to see each other! I picked him up into a hug and took him to b ... Read on »
On Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.A… by Margaret Patient Expert I’m here. At my parent’ house on Cape Cod. It’s great to be back… As soon as I set foot in my parents’ house–after first hugging Mom and Dad, of course–I asked: “s ... Read on »
mAss Kickers Interview by anewcamino I was honored to have been featured  on the mAss Kickers organization's website a few months ago.  The mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) was founded by brain cancer surviv ... Read on »
Prostate Cancer and Its Course of Treatment by Jaswant R. Facebook Cancer in any form is deadly and so Prostate cancer is also lethal. Though people might think that a large number of Canadian suffer from this disease and come out a winner ... Read on »
Screenings for Breast, Cervical & Colorectal Cancers by anewcamino The non-profit organizations LUCES and Tamika & Friends partnered with the New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center to offer the Manhattan community ... Read on »
Getting ready… by Margaret Patient Expert How did this happen?? Wasn’t it Xmas just the other day?? I still can’t believe that it’s April, and that I’m taking off for the U.S.A…again. Yep, I’m leaving tomorrow t ... Read on »
And yet more evidence of plateau (cure) from another unrelated source... by Nicolas van Dyk A friend a fellow MM patient DH alerted me to an interesting article just published in an alternative means of testing for Minimal Residual Disease called Deep Gene Sequenc ... Read on »
More on that NIH article -- cure is out there! by Nicolas van Dyk A kindly if mysterious email from an address ending in .fi (Finland?) attached the NIH article for me, which I reproduce here minus the tables. There are a few big poi ... Read on »