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New myeloma drug targets the NF-kappaB pathway by Margaret Patient Expert I just read about a new experimental drug called DPT3 that can kill myeloma cells by targeting a protein complex called GADD45beta/MKK7, which is very active in myeloma an ... Read on »
Out of the blue.. by Nigel Patient Expert I'd almost forgotten about my cancer blog.  It's a period of life that is somewhat thankfully behind me and the fact that I'm able to live a normal life with few physical re ... Read on »
New Hope Nivolumab by Chris Carr Well, I started my new clinical trial last week, an immuno-therapy drug called Nivolumab.  It doesn't actually treat the cancer, it treats my immune system.  I don't under ... Read on »
Routine CT Scan & Unexpected MRI Brain Scan Negative - ALL CLEAR by Robert S. Patient Expert View from dressing room of the CT dept Yesterday was my routine CT Scan. It came back negative as did my blood work. All cle ... Read on »
Cat number 7 by Margaret Patient Expert Seven cats…yes…well, I suppose it’s official now: Stefano and I are a couple of crazy cat people…And, I would like to add, proud to be so… How we went from six to sev ... Read on »
End Game by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert Chris here It has been a busy week and lots has happened much of it unexpected.  It started Sunday morning when Ann told me the bottoms of her feet had gone ... Read on »
Random stories from the canswerists* by ALTALOMAN More than 10.1 million sites arrive on screen once a web search is conducted, as in this BING search of mine.  Of course, no one would attempt to follow all of these sit ... Read on »
spect/ct by Joan H. Patient Expert After this infinitely long week, I had my whole body scan today.  I have a new nuclear medicine doctor, who works in the same practice as Dr. S.  I have the im ... Read on »
The art of dying by Margaret Patient Expert “Letting go: what should medicine do when it can’t save your life?” is the title of a New Yorker article — written by a Boston surgeon in 2010 — that I read a few days ago ... Read on »