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No lesions!!! by Margaret Patient Expert I had an MRI of my entire spinal column done earlier this week, and the results are in. Now, the doctor will have to confirm this next month, BUT I am almost 100% sure t ... Read on »
The impact of an iron fish on anemia by Margaret Patient Expert Many thanks to a longtime blog reader who posted this link on Facebook yesterday: The link will take you to a BBC News story about how a a gradu ... Read on »
A quick update from MIRT/UAMS by Nicolas van Dyk I received a letter today co-authored by Drs. Morgan and Barlogie that affirmed Bart is going to continue practicing elsewhere.  This is notable only insofar as it reframes ... Read on »
“Perfect nails, poisoned workers” by Margaret Patient Expert This is the title of a recently published New York Times article (thanks, Ginnie!) discussing the link between the chemicals used in nail and beauty products and serious h ... Read on »
Anniversary by Margaret Patient Expert It’s not a myeloma anniversary, although I have now fully entered my 10th year of living with smoldering myeloma. No, today’s a HAPPY day. It’s our 16th wedding anniversar ... Read on »
beginnings of endings by Joan H. Patient Expert I'm up ridiculously late, again, because I (again) fell asleep on the couch for a while, so now I'm not that tired... Tonight was DS1's senior dinner.  It ... Read on »
Making connections: myeloma, telomeres and… by Margaret Patient Expert This is the title of a Scientific American article, titled “Changing our DNA through mind control?”, that I read months ago and put away for when I had a bit of time/desir ... Read on »
Can we boost our hemoglobin levels? by Margaret Patient Expert My most recent blood test results showed a slight drop in my hemoglobin, hematocrit and red blood cell count. I’m not worried yet, since the IMF Patient’s handbook talks a ... Read on »
Decisions, decisions! by Nicolas van Dyk I've heard from a growing number of people asking for my thoughts on the changing of the guard in Arkansas, and how to think about treatment.  So even though it's too early ... Read on »
“Circadian responses to chemo” by Margaret Patient Expert This morning I came across an intriguing article published recently in “The Scientist”: I’ve written a couple of posts about circadian rhythms be ... Read on »