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Medication in motion… by Margaret Patient Expert There’s no getting around it: I have lazy DNA. My mother and my aunt both agree that their side of the family has always been afflicted by an incredibly lazy gene pool — t ... Read on »
A health reason to be silly… by Margaret Patient Expert A Swiss friend of mine, whom I met via the blog (it’s becoming quite a crowd! ), recently sent me the link to a very interesting CNN article, titled “This is your brain o ... Read on »
Leukemic cells transformed back into normal cells: could that be possible…some day? by Margaret Patient Expert I was fascinated and intrigued by almost everything I read in this New Yorker article written by Jerome Groopman who is, among other things, a hematologist: ... Read on »
Living Abroad With Alopecia by 4women Guest Blogger Alexandria Moree shares her experience living in a foreign country with alopecia. Chauve Chic à Paris- Alexandria Moree We hav ... Read on »
“Blimey, Margaret. Talk about lightning striking twice!” by Margaret Patient Expert That’s exactly what a dear friend of mine (whom I met via my blog many years ago, by the way) wrote to me after learning the news about Stefano’s uncle. Now, as you re ... Read on »
rain day by Joan H. Patient Expert Thunder woke me up at 5AM, and since I'd gone to bed past 1, I thought, "I wish we could have a rain day today..."  before I drifted back off to sleep for anot ... Read on »
A planned destruction: my beloved Parco della Piana by Margaret Patient Expert The Parco della Piana is one of the very few bird reserves in the province of Florence (in my opinion, it is also the best, by far!). Many different bird species go thro ... Read on »
Spam talk by Margaret Patient Expert I have a very efficient anti-spam program. It blocks all the stupid and at times irritating stuff that clogs (or tries to clog!) every single website/blog in the world, ... Read on »
Dyclonine enhances the cytotoxic effect of Velcade (bortezomib) in multiple myeloma cells by Margaret Patient Expert If you are taking Velcade (bortezomib), you HAVE TO read this abstract: In a nutshell, dyclonine, one of the main ingredients of Sucrets (coug ... Read on »
A non-update! by Nicolas van Dyk Hello friends.  Still alive and kicking here.  I will post an update on September 17th, most likely, after the Curetalk call with Dr. Guido Tricot, formerly a colleague of ... Read on »