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all clear & paradoxically feeling worse by Joan H. Patient Expert My two CT scans (chest, and head & neck) were unremarkable.  That is to say, the same exact anomalies seen last year are still present in the same places but they are exact ... Read on »
two down, one to go by Joan H. Patient Expert My whole body scan was negative.  Completely clear, which was very nice after last year's "blip" and the continuous annoying pain I'm having in my collar bone (and now, up ... Read on »
ROHHAD Life by Haveyroo It's been a long time...guess since February of this year.  Haven's had quite a few quiet years.  Last January we met with Oncology and did a lot of scans and located a spot ... Read on »
Return to Stillness by Robert S. Patient Expert I feel peaceful again. I don't feel anxious or scared about the possibility of recurrence as I did on September 23rd . Just days prior to my meeting with Dr. Kemeny, I ... Read on »
Box clever!!! by Margaret Patient Expert Very busy period, this one. Apart from our usual activities, we’ve had quite a bit of work done on the house, maintenance work that began back in July, got paused for the ... Read on »
mixed up day by Joan H. Patient Expert Waking up at 3AM and not being able to get back to sleep put a haze of exhaustion over the morning.  I puttered around in the kitchen packing up  pumpkin gingerbread  (I us ... Read on »
Dr. Richard S Isaacs FACS, MD by gabrielacunnin Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat) 23 years of experience        Accepting new patients   Valley Hi - North Laguna 7300 Wyndham Dr Sacramento, CA 95823 ... Read on »
3AM phone calls are never good by Joan H. Patient Expert The thing is, I was awake anyway, so I picked up the phone on the first ring. It was my older sister.  Mom died peacefully just after 6AM Eastern time.  She slipped aw ... Read on »
kidney failure is not an easy death by Joan H. Patient Expert When my mother first went into hospice (July, about 10 weeks ago), I did a lot of research about what to expect. More than one website  said that it was an "easy" death, wi ... Read on »
unraveling around the edges by Joan H. Patient Expert By the end of this week, I could feel myself coming apart.  My two classes after lunch are always more boisterous than the morning classes. but this week, they just seemed ... Read on »