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54! by Margaret Patient Expert Wellwellwell, I turned 54 on Saturday, July 18th.  We didn’t really celebrate my birthday this year because Stefano has been recovering from viral gastroenteritis. S ... Read on »
home, finally by Joan H. Patient Expert Crazy week -- I had my "teachers on the estuary" class at Waquoit Bay, and it was awesome.  But that meant that I was in class from 9am - 5pm Monday-Wednesday (well, Monday ... Read on »
roller coaster by Joan H. Patient Expert Mom was dreadfully sick over the weekend, with near continuous nausea and various pains.  She ate about 10 bites of food total over Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday was a li ... Read on »
Dr. Barlogie's new digs by Nicolas van Dyk Hello friends.  Sorry to be radio silent for a bit -- have been fighting other fires. I will be posting my thoughts on my own decisions and next steps in a couple of d ... Read on »
45 years… by Margaret Patient Expert Did you read about that doctor in Michigan who made millions (from insurance companies) by administering chemotherapy drugs to HEALTHY people? If not, then have a look at ... Read on »
on the way by Joan H. Patient Expert The rest of our time in Connecticut passed as wonderfully as those first few days.  We went to Mystic - 10 years after our first trip there!  And we saw the patriotic conce ... Read on »
CT with the family by Joan H. Patient Expert Saturday DH flew in with the kids.  They came into Logan, and I decided the easiest way for us to connect was for me to take the bus from the Cape directly to the airport. ... Read on »
next step, baby steps by Joan H. Patient Expert So Mom went into rehab Monday afternoon.  My initial impression was "This place is so depressing!" True, but so limited.  Mom shares a room with a pleasa ... Read on »
Spello by Margaret Patient Expert Boy, time does fly, doesn’t it? I mean, I haven’t posted anything on the blog in about three weeks…how did THAT happen?? Well, it’s just that life here has gotten quite ... Read on »
same universe, different pocket by Joan H. Patient Expert Thursday we found out that the source of Mom's pain is not her PAD. The vascular surgeon ruled it out following a leg study which showed her ankle pulses are n ... Read on »