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If the match is to be, 'Be the Match' by ALTALOMAN As a stem cell transplant survivor since August 2007, I know a good deal about  BE THE MATCH , or The National Marrow Donor Program, a nonprofit organization founded in ... Read on »
Curcumin can impair fear memories and ease PTSD symptoms by Margaret Patient Expert Well, I’ll be darned. I thought I couldn’t possibly learn anything new about curcumin, but here are a couple of things that were published in a Medical Daily article t ... Read on »
Haters by Chris Carr I feel compelled to follow up on my last post because the more I think about it, the more it compels me to write about this sick, deranged, and ignorant person.  Of course ... Read on »
Holiday Gratitude by guest blogger, Jillian Walker by 4women Gratitude is not always found in greeting cards or a personal thank you note. It’s not just a pre-determined socially accepted series of words. The truest forms of g ... Read on »
next... by Joan H. Patient Expert M. D. Anderson in Houston won't give me a second opinion unless I re-register as a new patient and make an appointment to come in.   I'm not going to Houston o ... Read on »
Interesting... by Chris Carr Not sure how to start this one...  Maybe I'll just copy and paste this latest comment by an obvious "fan" lol Hah ha :-) you parasitic piece of shit! Have you done anyt ... Read on »
Positive vibes by Chris Carr Getting ready to crash, feeling blessed and wanted to share.  I'm so grateful the Nivolumab seems to be working.  I'm so encouraged by what's happening in terms of researc ... Read on »
First, do no harm by Margaret Patient Expert Oh for crying out loud, here we go again — an article on early treatment for smoldering myeloma folks who have no CRAB symptoms, not One Single One. My favorite thing ... Read on »
Everything you Wanted to know about Transplants (new and improved!) by Nicolas van Dyk Hello folks. I published the bulk of this in a post a couple of days ago.  I didn't like the screwy way it was appearing here (I wrote the original in Word and pasted ... Read on »
7-point Gratitude Challenge by ALTALOMAN Flip②▶ SLIDE SHOW  ♥ Take my 7-point gratitude challenge.  Make a gift of of any amount (but please consider at least $7) to any of the following suggested ... Read on »