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settling by Joan H. Patient Expert We have been home for five weeks and in that time started school and moved DS1 up to his campus.  It doesn't seem like enough time to establish a routine, but we getting th ... Read on »
Wow, I just remembered I have a blog haha by Chris Carr Well, all I can say is it's been an interesting life these last several months...  Let's just say I ran into a few bumps in the road.  I can't remember where I left of ... Read on »
nuclear family by Joan H. Patient Expert We're down to four, at least during the semester. DS1's check-in time was 7:30-8AM, so we got up ungodly early, loaded up the van, and took him to Glendale.  The proce ... Read on »
everything looks different from here by Joan H. Patient Expert We arrived home from Massachusetts just three weeks ago.  It's the weirdest thing, this feeling that everything is completely different while at the same time feeling exact ... Read on »
RECURRENCE, It CAN Happen! - August 1, 2015 by Steve K. Patient Expert Recurrence - it's a scary deal.  In bladder cancer without treatment of any kind there is a 90+% chance of recurrence in 10 years.  With treatment, this number is c ... Read on »
lucky number seven by Cassie Brabbs Hi friends, It's been seven years since we received news of Phil's myeloma diagnosis. It's such a bittersweet day, every year. I can't help but remember the hopeless, ... Read on »
Off to Cape Cod… by Margaret Patient Expert Well, after a long, tiring, and record-breaking boiling hot July–the hottest on record, apparently, in the past 150 years!–Stefano and I are finally leaving tomorrow for t ... Read on »
Why??? by Margaret Patient Expert I have been absolutely shocked and outraged for days over the killing of Cecil the lion by a dentist, a so-called “trophy” hunter from Minnesota, a man who already has a f ... Read on »
54! by Margaret Patient Expert Wellwellwell, I turned 54 on Saturday, July 18th.  We didn’t really celebrate my birthday this year because Stefano has been recovering from viral gastroenteritis. S ... Read on »
home, finally by Joan H. Patient Expert Crazy week -- I had my "teachers on the estuary" class at Waquoit Bay, and it was awesome.  But that meant that I was in class from 9am - 5pm Monday-Wednesday (well, Monday ... Read on »