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Program Notes by Leah C. Healthy Living Professional The beautiful and moving program notes from l'ACID, Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion , the group that has invited The Grief of Others to screen at ... Read on »
BCG Supply News & Judgement Day! - April 20, 2015 by Steve K. Patient Expert First some quick updates:  The BCG shortage is greatly alleviated.  My doctor reported that they could order and reserve as much as they needed for any of their patients wi ... Read on »
Knowledge is power–a new blog post by Dr. Durie by Margaret Patient Expert This morning I had my blood tests. Results in early May. I’ll post them here, of course. Good or bad, whatever. I used to be very apprehensive about tests and result ... Read on »
Thoughts on my upcoming tests…and wisteria blooms… by Margaret Patient Expert I’m having my blood drawn day after tomorrow, which means that tomorrow I’ll be doing the 24-hour urine collection (joy!) to determine if I have any Bence-Jones protein in ... Read on »
Val d’Orcia, Tuscany by Margaret Patient Expert As I mentioned, a couple of weekends ago Stefano and I accompanied a close friend, a photographer from the UK, on a weekend tour of Val d’Orcia, a lovely part of souther ... Read on »
The fried gnocchi experiment… by Margaret Patient Expert This is one of the FUNNIEST videos I have watched in recent times. Hilarious. I laughed myself sick. And by the way, when I get going, my laughter sounds a lot like this g ... Read on »
Belgium, April 2015 by Margaret Patient Expert Yesterday I finally had the time to go through my photos of Brussels and Bruges/Brugge. Here is a random collection of some of my favorites. And while I’m at it, I hav ... Read on »
Computer trouble by Margaret Patient Expert I’m posting just a quick note (if my computer lets me, that is!) to say that two days after we got back from Brussels/Bruges (btw, we had a lovely trip and some of the bes ... Read on »
The Self, the State, and the State of Self by Joan H. Patient Expert DS1 brilliantly defended his senior thesis this afternoon. I was a bit late - driving over to his school always takes longer than I think it will, and then the ... Read on »
meloxicam, day 3 by Joan H. Patient Expert So far my impression is "meh." It has done a good job of reducing swelling, so I'll give it that.  But pain in hands, collar bone, hips, etc is all still ... Read on »