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Lowering our IL-6 levels with…art, music, and nature by Margaret Patient Expert Today I came across some rather curious results (I’m trying not to say “interesting results” all the time… ) of a UC Berkeley study, which I just had to share with you: b ... Read on »
Cannabidiol and myeloma by Margaret Patient Expert Not that it really matters, but, for the record!, I’ve never smoked anything – cigarettes or marijuana or anything else for that matter. So I wasn’t that interested in or ... Read on »
breather by Joan H. Patient Expert I'm so thankful for this holiday. I was so far behind in my grad school work that I despaired of ever catching up.   I started clearing the deck over the weekend when ... Read on »
A long over-due mini-update! by Nicolas van Dyk Hello friends.  Sorry to fall off the face of the earth there for a bit.  I have some good excuses -- I've been helping to launch a new business for my employer,    I've fi ... Read on »
Cancer cure hope and hype by Margaret Patient Expert I’ve written at least one post about the dangers of media hype, screaming headlines, etc. This is the one I remember writing, but there may be others: http://margaret.heal ... Read on »
5 Cancer Cures-natural remedies by Anlee W. Facebook After years of research and findings science have concluded there are foods that can actually help cure cancer, though they cannot replace the medications but can definitely ... Read on »
A new turmeric compound kills myeloma cells by Margaret Patient Expert A brand new study shows that another turmeric compound, which I shall refer to by its acronym, SQP (much easier to remember than “beta-sesquiphellandrene”! ), has the sam ... Read on »
up, down, up, down by Joan H. Patient Expert More like a seesaw than a roller coaster, and for that, I'm grateful. I'm still mostly better, except when I'm not, and it's difficult because I can't really tell when ... Read on »
Vitamin D deficiency in patients with multiple myeloma by Margaret Patient Expert I’ve written a bunch of posts on the link between vitamin D deficiency and icky happenings in myeloma. Ever since my SMM friend “Sherlock” talked to me about the importanc ... Read on »
Caring for Carcinoid Foundation changes name to Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation by 1888PressRelease (1888 PressRelease) The Caring for Carcinoid Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds research to discover cures for neuroendocrine cancers, has changed its name to t ... Read on »