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Yumm - Spaghetti Dinner A Success!

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:02pm
Once again,thank you does not seem like enough to say to the friends who organized tonight's spaghetti dinner held in honor of our family at Advent Lutheran School. It was alot of fun and I am so incredibly happy that we were here to attend. My family had a wonderful time and we can not thank you enough for all of your hard work, time and heart you put into organizing this event.

I will say that I was very nervous about attending. It seems silly to be nervous to attend an event being held in my honor, with my closest friends and where so many people who care for our family were going to come together. It is just the idea that the event was for us, being held because I have cancer and am going for a transplant, being held to help us financially get through the transplant and fund the living expenses, etc. we will incur. It is the fact that it was for our family which made it difficult, I am sure this is a normal feeling that anyone who experiences something like this feels. I knew that I would be okay once we got there, and I was. We walked in to a beautifully decorated gymnasium and a very relaxed fun environment. It was nice to be able to speak with so many people who came out to support us and say thank you in person. I knew I would be to emotional to speak, but I did get a chance to say thank you to everyone there and let them know how much we appreciate their support, which of course lead to tears.

To my dear friend Carla and her husband Ray, along with countless other wonderful friends organized this dinner for us, and you guys did an awesome job. The fact that you decided to take on the planning and organizing of this dinner for us is something that we can not thank you enough for, to me thank you does not seem like enough to say, but at the same time it says it all. You have helped to ease our minds so much as we head into my transplant journey.

We feel so blessed to have so much support, all around the world we have support and people praying for us, it seems so hard to imagine my story is spreading so far. So many people tell me I am an inspiration to them with my attitude, I sure do not feel that way, I am just trying to handle a very difficult situation the best way I can, and try to provide as normal a life as possible for my children during this not normal time period. I know any one of you would handle it the same exact way. Even though I do not see myself the way others see me, I do hope that I do inspire people, inspire them to be positive and know that cancer is not an option for them either, inspire them to be donors of cord blood, bone marrow and blood to help save lives. Before my diagnosis I did not know what Leukemia was or why it was so important to donate our time to give blood, etc. but I do know and I hope that everyone takes the time out of their busy life to help others this way too.

I have not updated my blog that much lately as I been busy feeling good and staying busy with the kids and getting us ready for our trip. We are leaving for Tampa this Tuesday, I check into the hospital on Thursday to start chemo and radiation. We will be living in Tampa for next 100 days while I am in hospital and then when I come out and am recovering.

I will post lots some photos as I download them from my computer and get in some from everyone else who took some.

Thank you for a wonderful night!!
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