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You're not safe until all your enemies are dead.

Posted Dec 03 2011 11:11am
The objective in the game of Risk is to eliminate all of your rivals.  Because, even when there is just one opponent left, there is a small chance that they could rebuild their army, attack you, and you could eventually loose the game.

It is the same with fighting cancer.  All it takes is for just one cancerous cell to survive all of our attacks on  it (chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, surgical removal, bone marrow transplantation, etc…), it could relapse, and then we could loose our fight against cancer.

The other tricky part about cancer is that it can change.   Cancer cells can mutate, metastasize (spread to other parts of the body), develop resistance to our attacks, and then it becomes impossible to stop.

Jacob Stieler is a cancer patient who's parents are being charged with child neglect because they are refusing to continue the cancer treatment protocol for him.

This is a very interesting case.  On one hand, there is an increased possibility of relapse by not continuing the treatments, which could lead to Jacob's demise.  But on the other hand, by continuing the treatments, Jacob is faced with a high possibility of problems caused by the treatments, with no guarantee that he will not face a relapse anyway.

I believe that an individual's decisions about their medical options belongs solely to the individual and should never be forced upon them.  That is Freedom!
God only knows the right choice to make in every decision we will ever face.
Wouldn't it be better if the government would stop wasting our tax money foolishly and spend it on something important like cancer research instead?
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