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Workout Wednesday - Kayaking!

Posted Aug 29 2012 5:52pm

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Living along the Gulf Coast, we are always concerned with the weather report. We are thankful that Hurricane Isaac has passed us without any damage and that we will not be kayaking into the office. Kayaking should be fun! Not part of your commute!

Kayaking is a great form of exercise. You can easily burn 200-400 calories per hour. Plus, it is a chance to exercise while enjoying the scenery or fishing at the same time!

For those of you have never kayaked, we have “10 Easy Kayaking Tips” from by Kristen Sleutz.



By: Kristen Sleutz

Break Studios Contributing Writer


If you are one of the innumerable individuals who is interested in adopting the sport of kayaking as a new hobby or even in a more serious, professional manner, we will soon discuss 10 easy kayaking tips to help newcomers ease into the kayaking activity. The sport of kayaking is one that combines plenty of physical activity for the athletic enthusiasts and also the beauty of the outdoor environment. If you are truly serious about testing your own kayaking capabilities, these 10 easy kayaking tips that we will discuss will enhance your kayaking knowledge in consideration to picking the right vessel to handling yourself in that vessel properly.  


  1. Choose the right kayak. Many kinds of kayaks are available for purchase and the one that is right for you will depend on your own personal goals and style.
  2. Get the right gear. Personal floatation devices, paddles and life vests are necessary in regards to kayaking gear.
  3.  Learn how to enter and exit the kayak. Using a dock to get in is the easiest way to enter a kayak.
  4. While using a dock or boat to stabilize the kayak upon entry, you will want to line up your feet evenly with the entry point and then swing one foot after the other into the cockpit, crouching down upon entry.
  5. Leaving the kayak is most simply done in a manner that is backwards of entering the vessel.
  6. Learn proper paddling once inside the kayak. Note that paddling will involve some exercise, but should not be exhausting. The most comfortable method of paddling for most begins with leaning back somewhat and relaxing, which improves efficient and proficient paddling.
  7. You will want to hold the paddle in both hands once leaned back, by means of over-handed hold. You will want to let your torso do most of the moving, while pulling with the arm making the downward stroke into the water.
  8. Proper safety measures must always be taken. When it comes to important material in this 10 easy kayaking tips guide, putting safety first is the most important thing to learn.
  9.  Be sure to pack a back-up inflatable raft and an emergency medical  kit, so that you are always prepared for the worst.
  10. Make sure to maintain the kayak. Be up to date with the repairs.

To stay stylin’ on the seas (and thankfully, not the streets) try an athletic bikini, like this cute number from Adidas and our Blue Lagoon Exercise Beaubeau.


Have fun out there!

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