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Posted Feb 05 2013 9:06pm

There’s a great story out of Virginia this week about a woman who is fighting back against cancer by working out, exercising, and taking it one day at a time with a natural approach to getting healthy.

It’s a great story and a great read, as the woman finally took control of her life to battle back against cancer and a variety of other health problems, including obesity, and in turn became a better person for it and a stronger person when it came down to improving her health and taking control of her destiny.

Then there was the grounding experience of the man who had rectal cancer and inducing bowel movements through natural magnesium citrate. That sounds very difficult.

But aside from the varying stories, personally, is there something to this idea of holistic health and using natural means to fight cancer and more? After all, could there actually be benefits to holistic health when it comes to fighting serious problems and issues related to cancer and other major medical problems?

In short, yes! Let’s review why it’s so critical to employ holistic health needs and issues when it comes to fighting disease and keeping you healthy and active:

Immune System Building Through Natural Means

First and foremost, the benefits of holistic health are directly tied to your body and what it can do as far as building up your immune system through natural means. Holistic health and natural health works, whether it’s exercise like the above example, or vitamins, minerals, and better health through nutrition habits. Holistic health works to improve your outlook and immune system by attacking and isolating free radicals that cause problems, and making it so that you get the most out of your health, no matter your background or habits.

When you build your immune system up in such a way, you can fight cancer and other diseases and illnesses with holistic and natural means that not only work to fight back against the free radicals and issues in your body, but also come with very few side effects compared to modern medicine and some of the inherent dangers there. Sounds like a true win-win situation for everybody!

Your Body Is A Weapon!

Holistic health and natural health habits bring to the forefront the idea that your body is, in fact, a weapon and a temple. Rather than reacting with modern medicine and strong prescription drugs to fight back against major medical issues, why not stop them before they start in a natural and healthy way with your body and habits? After all, holistic health can work wonders for you when it comes to creating the body of your dreams and the best situation to fight back against a variety of sicknesses and illnesses in a safe and effective way.

Whether it’s cancer, or something more benign like the common cold, holistic medicine and natural health care have come a very, very long way, and they can work together to ensure that you and your body get the most out of a natural and helpful experience to improve your quality of life, and everything related, no matter the medical condition in question.
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