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Work, Work, Work

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:07pm

Went back to work this week…worked Monday, Wednesday and will be working tomorrow. I guess the word to use for the week would be "challenging".

I have the best boss ever. He actually brought in a cot AND a pillow for me to use if I get tired. Is that not the bomb? The entire office has been so supportive. It really is true that the people you work with become like a second family to you.

My office is on the second floor. I decided to use the stairs. The first time, I walked up them like an old lady, now I do not need to hold on to the rail. Monday, my brain was slow (yes slower than normal). You know what I mean, you go back to work after some time off and it takes time to get your mind back into the groove. By Wednesday, I could tell the old brain was almost back up to functioning at normal speed.

My incision has healed up really nice. It is a pretty scar if I say so my self. I have seen some ugly scars, but mine is perfect, no zig zagging, line is straight, and the staple out line is all uniformed. The only bummer, they are going to cut on the same spot again. I just hope they do not mess up the perfection it displays now.

Tomorrow I will post my "wish list" for the hospital and my recovery. Hint, Hint.
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