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words in Saw VI… he was a cancer patient as well

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:03pm
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27 November 2009 112 views One Comment protect ur eyes

Not sure if you have seen it. I just get a few days off from work, so…I know I haven’t update my site for a while. been really really busy… just for living.

Ok, these are just some words in Saw VI, I’m not trying to complain anything, just thought they are related to cancer, so, just for recording.

“I’ve found a treatment for my cancer that I think holds a lot of promise, but my requests for coverage have all been turned down. So I was hoping that maybe if I came and explained it to you, that you might be able to get that overturned for me.”

“Well, the buck starts here, john. Fire away.”

“This is a doctor in Norway. He’s got a thirty to forty percent success rate with gene therapy. He injects what he calls suicide genes into cancerous tumor cells, then any inactive form of toxic drug is administered and it…”

“Yes, I’m familiar with the therapy you’re talking about.”

“Right. And a new trial’s starting. He’s looking for new patients, and he seems to think that I’m the perfect candidate.”

“John, if your primary physician, Dr. Gordon, thought you were a suitable candidate, he would have pursued it.”

“No. Dr. Gordon is a specialist, you know. He’s making money on his specialty. He’s not a thinker, I mean, the man has his hand on the doorknob half the time that I’m here…”

“I ‘m going to be straught with you. At your age, and with the development of your cancer, it’s simply not feasible for your…”

“Wati, wait, wait. What’s unfeasible? By whose mathematical equation is this not feasible?”

“It’s policy, John. It’s policy. And if you go outside the system to seek out this treatment, which has been deemed ineffective, you will be in breach of policy of policy and droppde from coverage completly.”…”I’m sorry.”

“Did you know that in the Far East, people pay their doctors when they’ re healthy. When they’re sick, they don’t have to pay. So basically, they end up paying for what they want, not what they don’t want. We’ ve got it all ass-backwards, here. These politicians, they say the same thing, over and over and over again. Healthcare decisions should be made by doctors and their patients, not by the government. Oh, now I know they’re not made by doctors and their patients or by the government. They’re made by the fuckin’ insurance companies.”…”Piranha”

“John…”…”Please. If you do this, then you’ll be on your own and the subsequent cost to you will be staggering.”

“Don’t talk to me about money. I have money. This is about principle.”

Ok, read the words carefully and think about it. There are lords of things I want to say, but I just don’t know where to start. Anyways, as I said, just for recording.

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