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Winded When You Hike Up the Stairs? Try Fiber.

Posted Jun 19 2009 10:13pm
This is from Yahoo Health:

"Wish you didn’t get so winded when hiking up the stairs? Then start your day with oats. Or bran. Or anything high in fiber.

"It may not give you the lung capacity of Michael Phelps, but it could help you breathe easier. New research shows that dietary fiber may give lungs a leg up.

"In a study, people who ate at least 27 grams of fiber per day had better lung capacity than people who got less than 10 grams. The high-fiber eaters were also 15 percent less likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an irreversible lung condition that makes it hard to breathe. Fiber may protect lungs by reducing tissue-damaging inflammation. The antioxidants in fiber probably help protect lung cells, too. Are you getting enough fiber?"

If you wonder, take the RealAge Nutrition Health Assessment. You'll have to give information like your email address to log in.

The quiz will give you:

* A detailed nutrition analysis with your current intake of fiber, flavonoids, and cholesterol
* Which vitamins and minerals you are missing
* What to eat to make your RealAge younger
* A recommended calorie allowance for your height and weight
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