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will return to the green army to regain iron defensive legend praise his action like Russell

Posted Jan 16 2013 3:46am
The celtics at home to a 100-89 victory over the bobcats, hao take 6 winning streak. In the win this wavelength after winning streak, the celtics will record promoted and wins and negative, distance east fourth just two games. Want to know, 6 before winning streak, the celtics have just gone through a wave of four straight, from 15 December 2012 to January 3, 2013, the celtics 10 games lost eight games. At that time there is no the celtics team temperament, they proud defense was completely Cheap Lebron X break, 10 games have six games be opponents get at least 100 points. Suddenly, green army resurrection, they beat the record for ranking, and is superior to their own the pacers, the eagle, the knicks and the rockets, returned to the home court advantage throughout the playoffs. The turning point in where? The answer is outside big lock Avery - Bradley's return. Before the handover in Bradley, the celtics defensive efficiency (every 100 round of score) for 102.1 points, the league 13th. Last season, their defensive efficiency is second in the league but level, with only 0.2 points behind the bulls disadvantage, when they turn away every 100 only 95.5 points. Lose defense, is the season's first half underachievement in the main. And in return after Bradley, Boston's defense efficiency have immediate progress, they turn away every 100 only 93.6 points, in this time period (on December 31, 2012 to January 15, 2013), their defensive efficiency high, second only to the pacers second in the league. "If you will be a good defensive players in the Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes squad, then the team will be a better defensive team," celtics coach doc rivers - he said, "good defensive guard with defensive inside the same important, especially if the defender can bring to the team defense oppressive feeling, he can give to the team vitality." Green army legend hine thon words more directly, he will Bradley's defense, the importance of the marketability of the height of the bill Russell, who praised the young players a way: "Bradley is the key to the celtics defense, Russell use blocks affect the game, and Bradley on the defensive contribution as great with Russell, he can get opponents point guard, collapse opponents offense, let opponents point guard can only back body the ball, the attention, I said but the great point guard." Bradley to green army bring change, not only reflected in the defensive end, and the offensive end. Since his return since, the celtics offensive efficiency promoted 104.6, ranking 13th in the league. Back in his former Celtic these two data are 100.3 points and the 10 a. His back, liberated Lebron 10 Elite rajon rondo, terry, let two people can let go to organize, attack. Today the first world war with the bobcats, Bradley for less than 30 minutes and 10 for 6, 7 throw in 3 4 scored 16 points 2 blocks on the offensive end, he also gives the team to provide enough support, he showed on the offensive end more than lang was a way: "he on both ends for us is the key, so we know that we have a Bradley can bring how to help players." In XuanZhai period, who use waste yao on this topic, the rockets aspects of the mouthpiece of the Chinese basketball association firmly that should take the responsibility, because of their frequent requisition yao let it on behalf of the Chinese play; And that of the Chinese basketball association is the use of yao malicious, a height of 2.26 meters center should be reasonable control of their playing time. Basketball association director before LiYuanWei even have special to Houston rockets visit top, entrust they reduce yao's playing time, but the rockets coach rick adelman but LiYuanWei of entrust as yao Ming and choose the season is frequently play more than forty minutes. In fact, not only to use LiYuanWei adelman yao's strategy is very worried, even yao's former coach Jeff van gundy has little left in sheepishly. Please adelman, hope it in the use of yao under JVG, must put yao's playing time Lebron X For Sale control in 35 minutes, but adelman also didn't seriously. Yao Ming in NBA career met three coach. The first is a led the rockets took two championship legion coach Rudy tomjanovich, he is very like yao Ming, "little giant" didn't come to Houston before they had argued that choose yao as champions. Yao Ming is very like the temper geniality of Rudy t, feel the old man amiable kind, accommodating, on the pitch for his use also is "act according to actual circumstances," according to the characteristics of yao Ming to play, not to force him.
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