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Wild Times!

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm
It's been anything but dull around here lately! I had my bone marrow biopsy (4th one now) on Friday and it was probably the worst one yet... They don't use Fentanol at Karmanos but Morphine which really didn't do anything. I almost broke the rail on the hospital bed I was squeezing so tight! The sensation or pain is so bizarre... If you could imagine someone sticking a little powerful vacuum inside of your back and sucking so it feels like your bones are being squeezed from the pressure of the vacuum -- that's the only way I can describe it. Forget waterboarding, all they need to do is bone marrow aspiration and those terrorists will be telling the CIA whatever they want to hear (ok, pretty much the same as waterboarding) but that's a different story...

The adventure had only begun though with the BMB! My Mom and Stepdad Rich along with my sister were there to drive me home. The nurse who performed the procedure had been talking about this great BBQ place on Michigan Ave. in Detroit called Slows and I had to have some after the procedure! So, we jumped in the car and started driving over to the restaurant. We weren't exactly sure how to get there so we punched the name of the restaurant into the GPS. The freeways around Detroit right now are a mess so it's pretty easy to get diverted. Well, little did we know that one missed turn would have diverted us into a different country! That's right, we missed a turn and the next thing we knew we were being routed into traffic to go over the Ambassador bridge into Canada, crazy! They wouldn't let us turn around so we had to go through customs and immigration to explain what happened. The guys were smirking the whole time as I think we were like the 50th car it had happened to in the last few days. So, we finally gained clearance and were able to go back over the bridge into the U.S. and made it to Slows! I had a brisket sandwich with dill pickles and coleslaw and it was awesome. So much for the anti-inflammatory diet for a day as I thought I deserved to gourge for what I've been through.

The fun doesen't end there however! Yesterday I took a drive out to the country and bought a canoe from this guy as I've always wanted one. This is a special canoe where you can mount a small motor on the back in case you get tired of paddling. So today I decided to take it out to Stoney Creek lake near the house to give it a try. It went into the water with no problem and I mounted the small motor I also found on Craigslist out in the country. Chili jumped in and away we went! I didn't use the motor at this point as I just felt like paddling. We pretty much made it out to the middle of the lake and I decided to mess with the motor as it was pretty windy and thought I might need some help getting back to the boat launch. The next moments seemed to go by in slow motion... I was looking toward the back of the canoe and felt it lean and I tried to correct it. It was too late and the next thing I know Chili and I are in the water paddling for our lives! I had a brand new fishing pole, my cell phone, keys, camera in an otter box (waterproof) but for some reason didn't have the thing closed all the way. So, at the bottom of the lake are my phone, new fishing pole and keys! I was able to save my camera but it's completely waterlogged and not sure if it'll work again or not. Oh yeah, back to me and Chili floating out in the middle of the lake! I grabbed her and proceeded to swim over to the capsized canoe and managed to grab onto it as it was floating. Needless to say, Chili was pretty traumatized at this point :( Then, as if God was watching over us, two guys came motoring over in a pontoon boat and were able to get us aboard and salvage my new canoe! They happened to work for the park (lake patrol) and the guy let me use his phone to call my Mom who was able to bring me a spare set of keys. What a day! I need to regroup and get back out there again and probably leave Chili at home next time ;)

It's funny, even though this was pretty traumatic, I wasn't really phased by any of it! Life has taken on such a new meaning now that I just roll with whatever happens and move on... Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?! Maybe something good (oh yeah, it's all good right?!).

So, it looks like I'll be starting SGN-35 on the 20th.

Happy Sunday!
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