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Why is my deltoid and tricep brachii swollen?

Posted by mariposa

My left arm deltoid muscle and tricep brachii have been swollen for awhile. It doesn't hurt, but bothers. It's lumpy and sometimes itchy. Sometimes my arm feels a little heavy but feels more like poor circulation. When I massage the area it tends to feel a little better. I think it is my lymph nodes. I had gone to the doctor last month (December) for the arm problem and also for depression and anxiety. He only treated me for my depression and anxiety and over looked the arm problem. He only asked me some questions and said if it continued to bother me then to come back in and see him. Last year around May 2008 I had a left breast biopsy done and everything came out normal. Cysts runs in my family. But, the swelling started a month before the biopsy was done. The swelling started next to my arm pit area and now it is on my deltiod area and tricep brachii area. Can you give me any idea what are the possibilties? Thanks
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