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who I met back from library- He met God

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm

As I was leaving the library the other day....I bumped into a older gentleman, I have known for a couple of years...never knew his name, but he lives in my area.
He was sitting at a picnic table a few feet from library. He electric wheelcar was next to him.
I sat down and started talking to him....he is a interesting person.
Had a stroke at age 39...he wife left him, and his has had no use of his legs for I guess 20 years or so.
He told me a interesting story.....before he started he told me I would think he was crazy.....
I believe he suffered a heart attach and died while doctors were trying to revive him. He met God...... he claims he saw a beautiful nurse, then a flash of light, some sort of tunnel......and then God appeared before him. God started talking to him and said.....You have two young children back on you want to stay here or go back to your children? He replied....yeah right I have two young kids and I would like to return.....He came back.
My question was What language did God speak? Silly,,,,,, my only concern was what language God spoke lol
Oh yeah, God had a robe or cape of some sort on...
I guess there is no language in Heaven...but I was curious...
That was a interesting story.....shed some light in me.

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