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While I don’t want to get too political…

Posted Dec 30 2009 12:00am

Our foreclosure drama has added to my continued disappointment with President Obama and his lackluster federal efforts at reforms of healthcare, housing, and defense. The housing issue is of particular concern for us, as you may have read. I found this article this morning on the NYTimes about the flat efforts by the banking industry and the federal government to help out homeowners in need.

I’m not talking about people who overbought irresponsibly during the Bush ‘ownership society’ hype; I’m talking about people like us, who bought affordable homes but who faced adversity and hardship and needed temporary help. The banks and the fed are doing very little to help people out, so cancer patients, families, people in real need wind up leaving, losing equity, while the banks laugh all the way to the auction sale. It’s a shame, really,

Obama’s hope platform collapsed very quickly for this household.

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