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When real life intrudes

Posted Jan 28 2012 11:13am
I've just finished the second week of my last semester and must now face a glaring truth: In 17 weeks, if all goes well I will graduate. This event has been 8 years in the making when you include the little cancer hiatus I took from 2007-2010. In 17 weeks if I manage to survive the last 3 classes I will ever have to take as a construction management undergrad, I will be done.

At the moment, I'm currently immersed in the nightmare of every type-A introvert that's ever traipsed through the halls of any learning institution. I'm finally taking the 1 class I've been putting off since my first day of college. Intro to communication studies. There is much emoting expected and the emphasis on class participation is great. I will survive.

There is another class that I must take in order to graduate and until I actually read the syllabus, it didn't occur to me that my grade would depend so heavily on the participation of other students. The class is a semester long group project. I did have the luxury of choosing my group, but that was of little comfort considering I only recognized 2 or 3 students in the class and they were of the variety that I specifically did not want to work with. I tend to remain in a constant state of stress when relying on others for a grade.

Since I can be extremely anal retentive about my grades, my stress level is hovering somewhere in space. I'll get through it. The project will get done. I will graduate.

A side effect of my constant state of stress is a constant state of itchiness. Stress=GvHD for me. Both of my arms are constantly covered in a rash from my wrists to my shoulders. My cheeks are constantly rosy and my scalp is flaking big time. I know that the rashes and itchiness would subside if I could relax. I'm working on it. This is nothing new for me and I've been down this road before. Remember last semester when I thought I was flunking? I finished the semester with a 3.0. I will survive.

The last bit of stress in my life centers upon finding a job. That will have to wait until the next blog post.
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