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wheels, turning

Posted Nov 21 2005 12:00am
I don't know where these last few days have gone. Well, actually, I do: they've been consumed in a typical flurry of kids-school-errands, all the "normal" stuff. Laundry, too; there was a lot of laundry. I really need to do laundry more than once a week.

Anyway: I ground out a column today which simply did not want to be written. The recipe was done (the date nut bread, still delicious), and I even finally toted up all the nutritional information, and the info for the Cranberry Cheesecake Tart thing, too. Usually that's my sticking point, and once I get the numbers down I can just whip up a few paragraphs and be done with it. Not today -- too many distractions, insufficient attention span. But it got done, and will be published on December 1.

After we put the kids to bed, I made 102 mini pumpkin muffins for DD's First Grade Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow. It was only 4 batches and didn't take too long, it was just a process: every 12 minutes, take a batch out of the oven, put a new one in, reset the timer and relax. I'm fairly sure that fewer than 102 will make it to the feast tomorrow, but any that get eaten between now and then surely won't be missed. I'm thinking I'll mix up some honey butter for the kids to spread on the muffins. I think that would be a nice combination.

If I didn't have physical therapy, exercises to do twice daily, and this weird feeling that there's a bandage around half my throat, I'd feel almost normal. Tomorrow will be a busy day but Wednesday less so, as the kids are off school. We'll cook and go see the new Harry Potter movie. I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm enjoying this sense of forward motion I have after standing still for so long. It's nice to be moving again.

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