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What is your opinion on my medical concern?

Posted by dodgeman

I'm a 50 ex-smoker (smoked 1 pack a day for 25 years or so) in good general health. Had a ct scan of my lungs and found multiple subpleural and pleural based  noncalcified nodules in both lungs measuring 2mm to 7mm in size "too numerous too count" Everything I'm reading is pointing to cancer. Was tested for tb came back neg.Was given anti biotic for infection and it did nothing to help My family on both side have had many forms of cancer including lung cancer. I've been cancer free so far. I'm to go back in for a follow up scan in about 2 months to check for stability of the nodule size. Please give me your opinion of the likelyhood of they being cancerous. Thank you
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I think there's no one out here that can give you that answer. I can only say that I've heard this before and it was, and was not cancer. If it's cancer, you can't afford to wait so I'd say another opinion might be a good choice. 

Much luck to you..Shalom..Pat 

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