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what is the usual life span for a 69 year old woman that has bone cancer fromthe kidneys and the cancer is terminal

Posted by tosh

my naan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 69. the cancer started in her kidneys and then spread to her bones. we did not no she had cancer till it was to late and the cancer is not treatable. she was diagnose in march with the cancer and i would like any information you can give on this type of cancer, such as how long it would have took for the cancer to spread to the bones from the kidneys. i would also like to no the approxitmate life span that people with this type of cancer have left to live.
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Like Tosh, I would like an answer but hey does nobody want us to know? i'm sure even if it's bad i would be so grateful to know whats in store. i do think i have it so come on stop being bloody wimps, people want answers fromn ordinery folks with the same problems, not always from doctors who perhaps don't really care too much, due to immense work pressures. So give peoplw like us a break as if we know the truth, there is just so much to organise.
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