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What is Stem Cell Therapy and Its Advantages

Posted Jul 10 2010 1:27am
Stem cell therapy abroad Stem cell research and Stem cell therapy are the two hottest matter of medical debate over the last few years. There are many people, especially the fundamentalists, who have raised questions over moral authenticity of this medical expertise.

People all over the world do have a general knowledge about the controversy, but many are in dark about specific issues that surround stem cell therapy and the research related to it. Like any other medical practise, there are advantages and disadvantages linked to stem cell therapy and, but not many of us know about these advantages and disadvantages.

For some, stem cell therapy Mexico is just like stuff of sci-fi movies while for others this ingenious research has many advantages and holds the bright promise of a new chance at life. To look at its pros and cons, let’s first see that what is Stem Cell Research?

Stem cell treatment abroad is directed at certain types of stem cells that have the regenerative properties in the body. As we know, a stem cell is capable of developing other types of cells, like liver cells, skin cells, heart cells, etc. Stem cells can easily function to replace the dysfunctional cells in the effected part of the body and naturally maintain optimal health. Stem cell therapy abroad is focused on two types of stem cells – embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can provide medical benefits in regenerative medicine and therapeutic cloning. It also holds a great potential in discovering treatments and permanent cures to life threatening diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and many more. Apart than this, Mexico stem cell therapy can be used to grow limbs and organs in laboratories and then used in transplants to the infected body. Stem cell research can also help medical scientists in learning a great deal about human body.

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