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What is risk associated with a punch biopsy w/ shaving biopsy has been done?

Posted by "Eightball"

I've had a spot on my lower leg that has been treated, unsuccessfully, with a LN2 burn.  Then a shaving biopsy was done.  Result:  only that some abnormal cells observed.  Punch biopsy recommended.

 Questions are:  

1.  What is the risk associated with a punch biopsy in light of the foregoing description?

 2.  There is the concern that in performing the Punch Biopsy may disturb the abnormal cells (cancerous or not) and release one or more abnormal cells into the blood stream?

 If benign, then most likely a non-issue.  

 However, if the abnormal cells are cancerous, then releasing one or more cells into the blood stream could, in my view, very undesirable results, i.e., eventually premature death. 

3.  Why would one not go directly for an excision of this area.? 


I look forward to your response.

 Paul J Anderson 

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