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What happens if your thyroid is removed?

Posted by cramerha

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The body will begin to exhibit symptoms similar hypothyroidism due to the lack of thyroid hormones in your body. These symptoms may include fatigue, elevated cholesterol levels, uncontrollable weight gain, muscle weakness and depression but these symptoms can be treated with medication.

Your doctor will most probably prescribe you with levothyroxine to help treat the issues resulting from removal of your thyroid. Levothyroxine is a simulated tyroid hormone similar as hormone produced by your thyroid.

Are you asking what happens after or what happens during/directly after the surgery?

 Also, if you do get put on Levothyroxine and find that you are not feeling any better or are gaining massive amounts of weight then talk to your doctor about being put on the actual brand Synthroid. I didn't do too well on Levothyroxine and neither did my two children who had their thyroids removed due to cancer so if the generic Levothyroxine doesn't work don't despair and just try the name brand. ;)

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