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what does my high lymphocyte count and underarm swelling suggest? details are posted here..

Posted by MM

i am a 20 yr old girl. a small underarm swellin was visible some 6-7 months before and slowly it started growing bigger and painful too.. wen i consulted a doctor he said it ws caused due to some sweat gland inflammation and there's nothing to worry about.. also with his medication it returned to normal size.. later after 2-3 months it again grew bigger and painful.. then they took ultra sound scan and reached at the same conclusion.. again with medication it turned painless though size remained big.. 1 month after that it again gre bit more and is painful now.. i t started getting paniful with fever.. and now when i took blood test it showed high lymphocyte count of 57% though my WBC count was normal, 4000.. haemoglobin was 10.5.. can you please suggest me what am i to do further?.. is it something i need to think seriously about?.. my mom had a history of suffering from Hodgkins lymphoma.. she  had underarm pit's and neck's lymph node swelling.. thats what it worries me.. please reply me..
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well i am 11 and i have the same problem and i was told that it was an underarm gland that is filled with toxins. this is usually from not using the bathroom regularly.It can also be from a  cat scratch but i am on a natural antibiotic called colloidal silver the average antibiotic only kills 5 to 7 pathegens colloidal silver kills over 650 pathegens. sry bout spelling

my mom works for this docter named docter joel wallach out of chulavista calfornia and he is an all natural docter. that owns the company YOUNGEVITY essential life science that company is based on all natural no additives or preservitives. My mom is a founder of the company and her name is Brandy Brogdon she would love to try to help you her num is 615 384 2122 early mornings is best central time


Hi, I have same problem, but not such big.

its been 4 days and small swelling but day by day it get bigger.

can you please tell me any home remedy.

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