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what do enlarged lymph nodes in the lungs mean

Posted by Trish

 I have a 2.3cm nodule in my right lung and some enlarged nymph lodes also, but they do not surround the nodule.  I had a cat scan and went to a pulmonary specialist.  I am going to get a biopsy this Friday.  He seems to think it is cancer.  However, the doctor that originally read the cat scan reported that the nodule could be calcification and that the enlarged lymph nodes were unremarkable.  I have smoked for 40 years, and the pulmonary specialist said I do have moderate emphysemia.  He also said that if the biopsy comes back negative for cancer he'll want another one.  Whether it is cancerous or not, he wants to remove that part of my lung with the nodule.  The cat scan also showed I have an enlarged hiatal hernia.  Will I need an operation for this?Any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much!


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